adult webcam chat Lingering at the door, she turned around for a second, looked at me expressively and frantically squeezed the side of the door with her fingers.
Then she exhaled loudly, turned sharply, and left the cabin.
I waited until all the passengers were out and left the rescue ship last.
The second time, when it was necessary to understand that something had gone wrong – it was a prolonged hyper jump.

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In theory, we had to make three jumps on the beacons of guidance, along the long-trodden interstellar trail.
Each – for 4-8 hours, on which the passengers plunged into a pleasant sleep.
However, when I woke up after the second jump, the clock showed that almost a day had passed since falling asleep.
For these days we could already fly to Alpha and return to the Solar, but we were in the middle of a dark space, and there was not a single ship around. adult webcam chat