alessandra webcams model femida Finally, it was necessary to leave.
Lara asked: – Do you have anyone at home? – No, we went to the mother-in-law under Nizhny.
“Then I offer you another entertainment.”
Let’s dress you up with a chick, and I, as a girlfriend, will go to see off.

Things at your house will be removed, I’ll put them in my bag and take it with me.
I think you liked to dress up as a girl, you will have your own “work clothes”.
Good for you? – It fits.
Dress up Shurik three.
Pantalonchiki were put on him, the same bra with inserts, stockings with elastic bands, a skirt, now no longer a mini because of pantaloons, a blouse, shoes.
Lara and Zhenya did him a make-up and put on a wig.
Max admired: – Cool chick! I’d vpendyul you, just tired a bit.
Okay, next time.
Lara put on a mini-skirt and a blouse on her naked body, stiletto shoes, took her purse and went to see Shurik off, and the full, but insatiable Zhenya brought Max into the bowels of the apartment.
Feet in women’s shoes with unaccustomed poorly obeyed Shurik, and Lara supported him (or now her) then by the elbow, then by the waist.

The wind lifted up the “girlfriends” skirts, and rare passers-by looked at the pantaloons of Shura and Lara’s naked charms with surprise.
A couple of times Lara could not withstand the temptation, dragged the indifferent Shurik into the bushes, kissed the passionately thing, pawed his chest and fumbled between his legs.
Shurik had no one at home, as he had promised, and the pressure of his girlfriend intensified.
Lara took off her clothes, shoes and instantly turned out to be naked.
She asked the landlord where the bed was, took him to the sex track, sat him down, took off his shoes, skirt, blouse, bra, pantaloons, left only stockings on Shurik, threw him on his back and began to lick and suck his cock diligently. behind porn camera
When the gun rebelled and took the necessary hardness, Lara put Shurik away from the edge of the bed (so as not to fall), sat on his horse and rode.
The man, despite the fatigue of today’s “work” day, received an extraordinary pleasure.

Having forced him to finish, Lara tried to restore the hardness of the tool she needed.
Shurik was already half awake.
Not having achieved her, Lara did not despair, took out a gel and a small strapon from her purse taken from home, put the “member” on her body, turned Shurik on her side, smeared his “point” with gel and gently entered it.
She stroked the chest of her “girl”, stroked “her” belly, thighs and ass, caressed member, not forgetting to gently, carefully “pump up” “her” in the ass.
Shurik did not resist, it was rape, but it was so sweet that in this case it was necessary, of course, to “relax and enjoy.”
Shurik finished and fell asleep.
Lara, who had time to arouse to the necessary limit, helped herself with her hands and soon finished too.
The woman lay down a bit, gathered Shurik’s “form” into a bag, so as not to forget to take it with her, and called home.
Eugene answered.
– Hello? – Zhenya, it’s me.
What is up with max? – Yes, he was kind of sluggish, I got tired of him after you left, got tired, as he could, he was tired and fell asleep.

And how Shurochka? – “She” sleeps, too tired.
Take a little “pepper” from my bedside table and come.
We continue the education of “our girl”.
– And not much will be for him for the first time? “Point” we will not rub down to sukrovitsy? “I tell you, take the smallest of all the peppers.”
I also have the same buckle.
We will not abruptly e: be, slowly and gently.
We are not going to tear her “her”.
The main thing: to teach the “girl” that the pleasure received by “her” through the anus is much stronger than the pleasure obtained only by the penis.
– Ok, persuaded.
Soon Zhenya arrived.
Women almost all night long had Shura in turn, trying to be as delicate as possible.
They lay on the sides of a man.
Initially, one turned him on his side, his ass to himself, entered and gently fucked, and the second at that time sucked his penis.
alessandra webcams model femida