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For her thirty years, Jane Wilkins could well consider herself a happy woman.
She lived in the small town of Riven Rock, which is one hundred and sixty miles from the border with Mexico.
For centuries, Riven Rock was a mining town, and all men worked for Dauren Industrial, a company specializing in the development of nickel-iron ores.

Jane herself worked as a waitress in a local cafe.
She had an average, but quite stable income.
And besides this, a two-storey, cozy house and a plot of land on which she, with great care and love, grew an orchard that blooms under the hot Texas sun all year round.
Needless to say, by local standards – her home ownership is a real palace, considering that many local and most of the visitors are huddled together, some in trailers, some in trailers.
Also, Jane had a daughter – Phoebe, fifteen.
The girl bloomed unusually.
All in mother.
Both of them were slender, long-legged blondes, blue-eyed, curvaceous – local men, looking at these Barbie dolls, almost naturally licked.
The population of Riven Rock was very diverse: Mexicans, Colombians, immigrants from Cuba, blacks from the southern States and a small number of whites, mostly from Ireland, Scotland and French Brittany. best webcam strip ever
All lived here very amicably, rarely when there were conflicts and, as a rule, not on the basis of racial hostility, but for very domestic reasons.

That is why, when Jane married and the black Dan Fulby was chosen by her, this did not cause any surprise, any rage, or misunderstanding in the city.
Dan was 45 years old.
And with him in the bargain, Jane got a second daughter – 16-year-old Heidi.
The relationship between them immediately improved, and with Phoebe, they became immediately good girlfriends.
We went to school together, we wandered together to discos and the club.
Jane was happy.
One thing only a little disturbed her – the rapid maturing of my daughter Phoebe.
She met a guy named Alan, but did not miss the opportunity to flirt with others.
But on the other hand, Jane herself began dating men at the age of 14, and at fifteen she already gave birth to Phoebe.
Her father disappeared before his daughter emitted her first cry and did not appear again.
Jane herself was raising a daughter.
Her parents – people of religion, strict morals did not want to help, and Jane left her native Huntsville, here in Riven Rock.

It caught on.
She had a few more men in her life, but that was all coming until half a year ago she met Dan.
And now she has a full-fledged family.
What else is needed? Dan earned good money, only he didn’t have his home.
He was saving for the purchase of housing, but so far, together with Heidi, they moved in with Jane.
The girls were allocated two rooms at the top, but Jane and Dan lived on the first floor.
Now, when the days of rest coincided with them, on the big bed Dan pleased his wife, made her happy.
A man, he was a strong, hardy, and his member, to the surprise and joy of Jane, turned out to be an extraordinary size.
So, every night Jane spent at home, and Dan wasn’t on duty, Phoebe and Heidi heard the voluptuous moans of their parents.
But if Heidi was simply happy for her father, then he finally found happiness next to such a wonderful woman as Jane, then Phoebe, openly jealous of her mother.
One day, she managed to spy on Dan, when he was in the shower.

And since then, his hefty member did not give the girl peace.
Even interest in Alan, whose member was also, that was necessary, began to disappear.
Phoebe is now only thinking how to seduce her Dan.
Finding the right moment was not difficult.
Another thing, how will he react to such stepdaughter attempts? But Phoebe, the farther, the stronger the unbearable.
And so, she finally decided.
After working out my shift, Dan, as always, went to the supermarket on Glen Hou Avenue, where he bought a couple of bottles of his favorite beer, Red Session.
best webcam strip ever