best webcam viewer You’re fired! – Faith could not hold back emotions and burst into tears.
– Vera, forgive me for today’s! I did not want! But I told the truth! I really love you! Fair! And I’m not going anywhere! – Cyril lay down to the woman, hugged her tightly and kissed her cheek.
– Now tell me – do I mean anything to you? Do you want to be with me? – Cyril, you.
Between us more than 10 years! How can you love me? I even have a daughter! What will we tell her? She’s already 15! And you are 23! No, Kirill, we can not! I.

– To finish her did not give a strong kiss lying next to a young man.
– Vera, my dear, well, what nonsense are you talking about? Your daughter is already grown-up and will understand perfectly that her very young and extremely attractive mother wants to be happy.
So, will you be with me? – And what about the work? What will the staff say? The boss and her assistant are a love couple!

What a disgrace! – and again Cyril had to resort to sedatives, one of which was a sober slap.
– Vera! Shut up better now! What kind of woman are you? I see your eyes burning! You like me to be with you now! You liked our sex! And you want more! Admit it! Yesterday after sex you were happy! Don’t give it up, honey! If you don’t want to talk at the office that way, then there will be no relationship there! Only at home! Do you want BUT? – Kirill, but I’m old already! Do you like sex with me so much? I am sure that Helen is much more creative in bed.
Yes, and I have children after the birth of Maya can not.
– Ver, I like to be with you and without sex.
What about children.
Well, I can adopt your daughter.
– Mom, are you going to marry Cyril? It’s true? – Maya stood in the door and did not believe her ears – her mother is going to marry her young assistant Cyril? – Daughter! Oh!

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I haven’t thought about it yet.
Yes, and there was no proposal.
– Yes, Maya, I really want your mom to become my wife! And I will definitely make her an offer as soon as possible! – Kirill, what are you saying? What other wife? I am the same
– Be quiet, Vera! Otherwise, now ogreu again! And every time I will, when you will say another nonsense! – Cyril smiled and gently stroked the cheek of his beloved.
– That is, you will soon become my father? – the girl was still in turmoil.
– Cool! Finally I will have a father! Super! – and the future papa’s daughter hung on the neck of the future father.
– Oh, and my daughter turned out to be smarter than a stupid mother! Immediately found and not vykobenivalas! You’re so strangling me! Keep it down! Let’s give Mommy a break, and I should go home.
– No, Kirill, stay.
With me.
Do not leave.
I am pleased with you, – the woman smiled and put her hand on the man’s hand.
– Daughter, leave us, please.

Further for adults only.
Maya smiled knowingly and left the room, closing the door behind her.
As soon as there was a click of the closed door, Vera, without giving a report of her actions, attacked the guy and, after some fuss, connected with the unbuttoning of his trousers, saddled his penis.
He quickly figured out the expensive coffee machine and refilled it with coffee with a pleasant smell of orange and cognac.
When the drink was ready, sleepy Maya came to the kitchen and struck a man with her appearance.
The girl was very similar to her mother: her face was one to one, only her eyes were green, a similar short hairstyle, the same hair color, only her daughter added several bright red strands.
Transparent in the sunlight short nightie opened the view to all the delights of a young diva.
(Especially for -) The girl’s breasts were still far from the beautiful hills of her mother, but there was already a full second size.

The young charmer decided not to bother herself at night with her panties, so Cyril was able to understand that she, like her mother, was watching the smoothness of the pubic skin.
Maya’s shoulders were well developed, and her tummy and legs were well pumped, which indicated her passion for sports.
The beauty stood on the threshold of the kitchen and rubbed her eyes, wrinkling her funny nose.
– D-Good morning, Cyril.
Didn’t my mom drive you? – the young slag woman was not ashamed either of her kind or of the young guy who was looking at her body.
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