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Plekhanov in the city of Moscow.
After graduation, she came to our city as a young specialist.
Six months later, at the turn of the era, she married and soon gave birth to a son.

About her life while studying in Moscow and previously there was no data! But I managed to get a photo of that time, as I understood it, taken at the apartment of one of her girlfriends in Moscow.
There was depicted Marya with two somewhat vulgar girls photographed in the same room, against the background of the carpet and the sofa seen in the video.
It was on him that the couple tumbled.
Even the wallpapers were one on one, and the photos with the posters on the wall were identical.
Mishani’s father didn’t smell there, as I had learned for sure that they had already met here in the city, by the way, at that very wedding, the video with which I had found. ”
The investigation is carried out, the facts are collected.
It remains to carry out the implementation of the work performed.
This is where I got fucked up! “What to do?” A well-known question asked by Chernyshevsky in the nineteenth century.
• Wait for Mishka’s arrival and tell him everything? • Go to the facts with his father and inform him? • Or put everything on the Internet with the data.

There are many options, but what to do, I have not decided. best live webcams
Deciding to postpone the dilemma for later, I went to drink a beer.
After two or three pivasik cans, I got stuck and I myself without realizing it, and almost without writing, boiling water from righteous anger turned out to be near Mishkin’s apartment.
Still boiling like a kettle, rang the bell.
She opened the door, calling her Aunt Masha did not turn my tongue.
– Hi Denis!.
She greeted loudly.
– Zdasste – I squeezed out of myself.
“Misha’s not here yet,” she said immediately.
– And I am not for him, – burst out of me, – I am for you.
“Then come in,” she stepped aside, “go into the kitchen, I now, just change my clothes.”
I took off my shoes, and with difficulty resigning suddenly turned heavy legs, walked into the kitchen.
She appeared about ten minutes later dressed in a short and thin robe, like a glove fitting her plump, but so attractive bodies for me.
Tied with only one belt with a large neckline, he gave me a view of the voluminous breasts protruding forward and hidden by delicate matter, an appetizing hollow between them.
The short floors of the dressing gown opened up with strong and elastic thighs almost to the very edge of the panties.

I had a hard time tearing my eyes from her and exhaled hard.
I wanted to come up and squeeze my chest with one hand, and fumble the second between my legs.
My view did not go unnoticed.
Aunt Masha, suddenly crouching under my heavy gaze, covered her neck with a chilly hand.
– Why are you looking at me like that? Totally go crazy.
– Finally, she said, nervously twisting her shoulders, – I’m after all in your mother fit.
– So what? – I cleared my throat, – maybe we take a little poke about? – I just suffered.
– What? – her jaw has dropped, – you, what do you allow yourself a puppy ?! – already with a threat she said, jumping up from the stool and hanging over me across the table.
– Sit down.
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