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I raised the dress to my belt in one motion.
– Take off herself.
– I took a couple of steps back.

Yes, it was exactly what I wanted: right in front of me, my mother took off her panties, exposing her luxurious ass! Panties hung on a bush, mom, holding the dress at the waist, turned to me: – Completely undress? – No, do not.
Better this way.
I took off my jeans, I did not have panties on, unlike my mother.
And only at that moment he realized that he had not taken a tube of grease.
He said this to his mother, but she laughed in response: – Saliva is enough, Vovik.
I will lick you, you – me.
She squatted down and plentifully wetted my cock with saliva only once taking it into her mouth.
After that, she got cancer, parted her buttocks.
I thought again about how I like to see how she does it! The spectacle was what was needed: mother’s legs apart and slightly bent, the already rather big ass, which in this position was even more, spread her hands with a bright manicure, parted lips, cherished hole of the anus.

I licked the anus for a minute, trying to leave more saliva on it, then I straightened up and began to insert the head.
A member did not enter immediately, but my mother immediately said: – Do not be afraid to hurt me, son, come on !. gay teen boys webcam
And I introduced it, overcoming some resistance from my mother’s sphincter, first the head, then half, and finally, after a couple of careful movements, with a force inserted into it all the way.
Mom grabbed the tree with her hands, and I, taking her thigh, slowly began to take the dick out and just as slowly introduce it again and again to the very eggs.
After a few of my frictions, my mother spoke as if at home: “How pleasant I am, Vova my, finally you.”
love your dick
I waited.
You’re so fucking !.
I could not hold back anymore and began to fuck her quickly and strongly as I could, I held her by the hips and saw how my dick enters her delicious ass, completely goes out of her, and her ass remains open, how dick enters without labor all at once.
– Ebi me so, honey, always.

what do you want to do
I will not refuse anything, just say.
fuck me in the ass
my best cock
yes, like this, like this !.
Suddenly, without even waiting for it, I strongly slapped my mother on the buttock and she loudly yelled: – Also, well, also, as well.
I wanted to.
I will finish now, hear, finish.
more, more, Vovik.
With one hand, my mother held on to the linden tree, and with the other she touched my balls.
Once again, the whole world sailed away somewhere, and again I was smashed into pieces, sperm rushed into my mother’s ass with strong pushes, a wave of the sweetest pleasure swept over me and there was nothing in the world except this incredible orgasm.
When the ability to think and feel came back to me, I found myself standing with my back against a tree, and in front of me my mother was squatting and carefully and gently sucking and licking my dick.
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