hidden cam public masturbation pips! – barely audibly whispered sister.
“What’s the big deal?” – I began Katkin processing.
– And then, you see in them too! Isn’t that interesting? “Interesting,” Katka breathed, and I realized that she really was interested.
“Have you ever seen a boy’s pipette?” – I asked.

– Of course not! – Do you want? – Yes.
– my sister whispered slightly.
– Do you want me to show you mine? – I asked and froze.
For me, even goosebumps ran.
– Yes.
– Katya whispered again.
– Will you show me yours? – I will show, only you first.
I was afraid to turn on the light, because my parents could go in and ask why we were not sleeping.
Therefore, I pulled my flashlight out of the writing desk and slipped under the covers again.
I lowered my cowards to the Kole, noticing that my cock was already “in combat form.”
I turned on the flashlight under the covers, lifted the covers and whispered my lips dry.
– Look! Katka bent over the backs of the bed, since they were not tall, and breathed over my very ear.
– Wow!

she whispered.
– What a beautiful! Big! – Want to touch? – Yeah! Kate extended her hand and very gently touched my penis.
– Do not be afraid, touch more boldly! I even moved a little towards Katka so that she would be more comfortable.
She wrapped her hand around my penis and began to feel him without a trace.
She rose to the very head and, touching her, said.
– Oh! And then softly! “This is called a penis head,” I said.
“And in the middle of her, like my little button, only a little one,” Katka giggled. spy hidden camera sex
This gave me a reason to remind Katkina of the promise.
– What is yours? – I asked.
– Show me.
With obvious reluctance, my sister released my penis from her palm and asked quietly.
– And you will not laugh? – Above what? – I did not understand.
– Well, you have a beautiful little button, and I have.
like a horse! From such a figurative comparison, I really almost laughed, but I restrained myself and solemnly promised Katya not to laugh.

Katka took the flashlight from me and slipped under her covers.
There she was brought in, apparently taking off her work, and then she whispered.
– Look! I almost climbed with my head to Kate under the blanket, hanging his stomach on the backs of the beds.
Katya’s thighs were brightly white in the light of a flashlight.
And there, where they merged, at the very bottom of the abdomen, there was a small tubercle, with a slit in the middle.
This dark crack was created by two oblong plump rollers, in contact with each other.
My heart caught my breath, my heart began to pound, and the member, to which I had not yet put on my underpants, seemed to grow even more and sank deeply into the pillow.
– Can.
touch? – I said stammeringly, and I myself already pulled my hand to the knoll that touched Katkin.
I started off my hips, slowly moving my arm up, pulling off the pleasure.
Finally, my palm touched a soft, but at the same time elastic, warm and tender knob.

The middle finger of my hand went straight into the exciting cleft, where it was somehow particularly smooth and slightly damp.
I pulled my finger up along the slits and at the very top of it rested against something small but hard, which to the touch reminded me of a tiny penis.
This discovery so struck me! I never thought that the girls TAM something can hang around! I was so excited that I understood.
just a little more – and I’ll end up right in the pillow, and this cannot be allowed.
With great regret I pulled away from Katka’s mound and quickly slipped into my bed, thinking, bring myself to ejaculation on my own, or give it to Katka.
– What are you doing? – Katka asked in surprise.
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