hot webcam Ivan told me to put my dick in Olga’s mouth.
I was taken aback from such a rapid turn of events, and with horror I discovered that my member was no longer solid.
I hesitated, not knowing what to do.
– Faster !! – said Ivan.

Unable to resist, I took off my underpants and with a great shame brought my half-rising member to Olin’s face.
Olya laughed mockingly.
And only after her laughter died away, she took what I gave her in her mouth and began to suck.
And Ivan became Olya fuck.
After a few minutes of blowjob, my dick did not even budge, remaining as soft as he was.
– Fuck you! – Olya told me, – can you be a fagot ?! Everyone laughed at me.
Ivan, having finished right in Olya, told me that I was a complete sucker, that I could not even get aroused by a beautiful girl.
– Yes, he is a woman, not a man! Baba he! – declared excited Oleg, let’s change his clothes! Let’s get Baba’s clothes on him! – What?
Let’s! – Ivan supported the idea.
– Hold it !! I was shocked by all this and began to run away, but I was seized by the strong hands of Oleg, who was much taller and much stronger than me.
I was like a feather to him.
And then the rest of my classmates grabbed me from all sides.
After that, Ivan took the clothes that the girls had taken off of themselves, and with a smile on his face, he began to put the girls underwear on me.

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At first they put on me white lace panties, which belonged to Ole.
I tried to resist, but I was firmly held by the legs and the panties were easily put over my legs.
Then Lenin’s pantyhose was pulled to his feet.
Then they put on a Lenkin top and a mini skirt.
I have never experienced a more humiliating and more terrible condition in my life.
When they let me go, I covered my face with my hands and started crying.
– Guys! Let’s make it up! – Let’s! I have a lipstick and a beautician.
– said Olya.
Wiping tears from my face, they began to make me up like a woman.
The boys kept me on both sides, and Olya worked on my face.
I put lipstick on my lips, tinted the eyelids with mascara, summed up the eyelashes, powdered cheeks.
– Done! Let go of that slut! – Look at who you look like now! – I was given a mirror in which I did not recognize myself.
They made me a girl.
– Let’s continue to have fun !! – Oleg shouted.
The girls started to fuck again.
Olya and Lena were posed with cancer and the boys started to fuck them.
– You fucking join! – Oleg told me.
Everyone was drunk and no one had any moral and moral brakes.
I was put next to the girls, in the same position in which they were and from behind in my ass began to enter someone’s big dick.

I did not have the strength to either resist or interfere with this, I just cried and did not try to change anything.
I just looked back, looking who is in me.
It was the birthday of Oleg.
Having mastered his cock in my ass, he began to accelerate movements and in a minute he was already fucking me in full, ruthlessly and hard.
Olya, smiling and sitting right in front of me, put up her pussy-smelling pussy and attracted my head to her.
“You should like this taste, honey,” she said.
I began to lick her with pleasure, trying to change her opinion that I could not make the girl nice.
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