how to turn on hp mediasmart webcam He chose a moment, and she felt calm, that something huge pleasantly bursting inside her, hot and slippery, she calmed down like a child who was given a nipple, and began to wait for her release, while he covered her with her broad back doing rhythmic movements, enjoying each other, they kissed, it took about 10 minutes, how she arched again like a cat and flew far, far away, and then the white clouds caught her and gently carried her down, and at that time she screamed and burst out, and he made a loud hoarse moan, then another, and more and more.
so they fell asleep.
The story is written according to real events.
How can 2 completely different people love each other so much ?? The sea, summer, the gentle sun, his smile is all she needed to be happy.

They had already met for 2 months, but every day they found something new in each other.
Every day they loved each other more and more.
They never swore.
never humiliated each other.
But everything changed 1 day, then they first fell out.

She screamed at him loudly, and he tried to explain something to her.
but she did not hear and did not want to hear him.
Then he raised his voice for the first time.
shouting loudly:
“Call when you go crazy !!!!”.
This very humiliated her.
and fear appeared in the soul.
She was offended.
Days passed, and he did not call.
But I so wanted to go to the phone.
say that can not be more so.
But damn pride would not allow it.
A week has passed.
As she then thought, it was the worst week in her life.
All night she dreamed about him.
He was so bright, kind, and more than ever dear.
In the morning, she ran to the phone, dialed his number, but in response, she heard the voice of an unfamiliar woman: “Never call here again.
there were beeps in the receiver.
“Okay, they persuaded me, I won’t call you, I’ll go to him right now!” She swept.
She was walking along a familiar road. sex home cams videos
and in thoughts there was only one, who is this woman ?.
and why did he answer me like that ?.

Finally, she saw in front of her the cherished door of his apartment.
it was incredibly scary.
but she knocked on the door.
do not open. ”
she knocked again.
Doors opened an unfamiliar woman.
“Hello,” she said in a trembling voice.
“Please call Maxim.
I understand that he does not.
“But she did not continue.
tears rolled down the cheeks of the woman.
“Maxim is no longer here.
Maxim is no more! ”
The door slammed before her eyes.
“She roared.
not understanding the reason, not understanding what is happening to her.
tears rolled by themselves.
The girl looked hopefully at the door of His apartment.
but the door did not open.
and because of it, crying was heard.
Suddenly a door opened in front of her.
Grandmother looked out from there: “Maxim died this morning.
“- an old woman uttered in a whisper.
“Hot summer has passed.
It passed.
and no longer return it.
outside the window circled the leaves.
people passed by.
but he was not among them.
the only one.
meaning of life.

She sat in the corner of a long corridor.
Everything seemed gloomy to her.
strangely not seen any people passing by.
no loving hearts.
she needed only him !.
Why no one wanted to understand this.
Nothing in the world can replace it! She did not want to believe in it.
but understood.
that his childish voice would never hear again, that he would never see him again.
never again look into his green eyes, at the sight of which in his soul it became so easy and good.
, never say what he loves.
there was a cry on her face.
cry of pain and despair.
She remained alone.
One in the hallway.
one in the whole world.
ONE !!!.
One, without it !!!!!.
She lived for him, he lived for him! With him, in her soul was light and pure.
as in a dream !.
And now it’s cold, scary and empty.
Empty without him.
Where is the life full of bright colors, happiness and warmth ??.
Why is her whole life usha along with him ??????????? “.
tears rolled down her cheeks.
It was a grim autumn.

she left.
no more return it.
snow was falling outside the window.
people passed by.
everything changed.
she no longer cried at night.
there was no pain in her eyes.
joy returned to life.
hope returned.
But he did not return – the only one.
Meaning of life.
The wave washed the snow-white legs, tormented hearts, the night light and silly sea wave.
she brought joy and lightness to where people find love and take with them pain and suffering.
Her gaze through the night to nowhere.
quiet cries of birds reaching from far away excited hearts.
She was doomed to eternal life and eternal love for him.
Every time she looked, he turned into sea foam.
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