hp webcam usb I drove into beautiful and unfamiliar places, it seems somewhere on the very outskirts of the city.
I worked in the office all day, and now I suddenly wanted to walk and breathe in the fresh spring air.
Leaving the car near the park, I noticed not far a narrow path, leaving inland.
In my pockets lay only a bunch of keys, a few old checks, and glancing at a glance, I threw them into the ballot box.

If I knew that they could be useful to me! All the time while I was driving here, I continued an endless dialogue with Igor, but now, on a walk, everything has disappeared.
The weather was wonderful, the setting sun gently cast shadows from the trees.
At the meeting I came across a few people.
Someone was walking their dogs, someone was just walking around, probably in a spring romantic mood.
I was caught up by some guy and said “Hi.”
I greeted in response.
Hello so hello
Then we walked in silence.
“You don’t know what the chapel is?” He asked, and when I turned to look, someone’s hand squeezed my mouth with some kind of cloth soaked in something nasty.
“That’s all, so banal,” I thought, and plunged into oblivion.
Awakening was terrible.
The body did not want to obey me completely, everything swam and split in front of my eyes.

From afar came the voices of someone. best anal dildo webcam
Then for some reason someone raised something nasty to my nose, I inhaled and recovered completely.
I was lying on a stretcher, and around were people in an unknown form.
The bright lights of a police car and ambulance were blinking nearby.
Then I remembered the attack and about the chapel and at the same time, about the quarrel with Igor.
Rising sharply, I groaned from nausea.
Lie down, you still can not get up.
My name is Ren, I am a senior officer.
– There was someone caring female voice.
What happened with me? Looks like you were attacked, did you see who it was? Yes, of course I saw.
it was a young man.
Being in a state of shock, I still noticed that people exchanged glances.
Moreover, they were shocked.
What did I say that? The man? Are you sure? Said one of the policemen.
I silently looked at the guy who asked the question.
Probably after the attack, I looked somehow strange, but it seemed to me that from my view he had no desire to ask stupid questions.
The man hastily averted his eyes.
What a gentle police went, well, wow! Do not worry, we have just tested for DNA and established your identity.
– Said one of the officers, carefully offering water.
Something was written on his uniform on a small plate, probably his name, surname and something else, maybe the title, I could not make out, because I could not concentrate.

Interestingly, how can a person be identified by DNA, as by fingerprints? Progress went far ahead, but I did not know that the police had DNA in service.
However, how do I know, advanced technology is not my strong point.
Yes, of course, I am sure.
I didn’t remember his face very well, but it was definitely a man.
At these words, among the peace officers began, almost a stir.
They immediately stepped aside and began to deliberate, sometimes turning into a loud whisper.
I only heard some words “young man.
No, there were no shoots.
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