huge webcam squirt Taylor? – asked my aunt sitting at the computer a young girl.
Yes, we in general do not care, – shrugged Jenny, – Just drove past and decided to go.
So they did not sign up for her appointment? – the young secretary raised a surprised look at Jenny, – I think that she will accept you, but to be faithful I’ll ask you anyway.
“She is? – I thought, feeling the familiar blush of shame on my cheeks, – So it turns out to be a woman? ”The prospect of examination by a female doctor absolutely did not suit me.

Sit bye in the reception, – said the secretary, – Fill in these papers here, since this is your first time.
Jenny took the papers stretched to her and sat in the nearest chair.
In addition to us, there were three young women with babies at the reception of the clinic.
The youngest was reclining in a removable car seat for infants.
The rest, about two years of age, sat on the knees of the mothers.
Well, will the doctor accept us? – asked Jenny from the secretary who came out to the reception.

Will accept, only it is necessary to wait a little bit, – that answered.
And we’re not in a hurry, ”said Jenny.
So interesting, ”smiled the secretary, throwing a quick glance in my direction,“ your Dr. best chaturbate cam girls Taylor will be the first patient over three. ”
Exactly, – one of the mothers sitting in the waiting room agreed, – I have been going to her for half a year and have never seen a big child in this clinic.
Really some kids, ”Jenny smiled, looking around,“ Your doctor has a specialty: nursing and nursery? ” What specialization, the secretary laughed, “They simply do not register patients older than three years from her and that’s all. webcam masturbation amateur
At least for the year that she works in our clinic, there was not one.
It’s funny, – Jenny turned to me with a mocking smile, – We got to the right doctor.
Interestingly, it will look like you too small? Stripped naked, feel between the legs to make sure that there is no diaper rash, weighed on the scales for infants.
She probably does not know how differently, since only the little ones are brought to her.

The women in the reception room laughed together.
You are here, with pectoral and nursery babies, the very place, since you wet your pants, ”Jenny continued.
So big and pissing in pants? – one of moms was surprised.
Have you noticed that he has a diaper under his pants? – smiled another.
Yeah, I also noticed right away, – the third mother nodded, – I have a trained look to these things.
How old is he? – the first woman asked Jenny, – Seven? Eight, – answered my aunt.
I am late to my elder, at the age of five, I have taught the pot to it, ”the infant’s mother sighed,“ But to wear diapers at the age of eight.
What is blushing? – Jenny appealed to me, Are you embarrassed of your diaper? And you feel free to write and crap up your pants? By the way, does not interfere with checking your diaper.
Jenny got up from the chair and before I could do something, unceremoniously let down my pants and began to busily touch my diaper.
Noticing the indulgently-mocking smiles of moms gawking at me, I blushed even more.

It seems dry, – my aunt told everyone, – But only for how long.
Quickly pulling on my pants, Jenny sat back in the chair and returned to filling out the questionnaires.
About half an hour later, the secretary called us to the doctor.
Come here, – she showed a hand to one of the inspection rooms.
What is frozen? Come on in! Said Jenny, annoyed, literally pushing me into the room.
I sneaked a glance at the very young nurse who ran there.
“A year or two older than Jenny,” I thought, looking at a pretty, fair-haired girl in a blue medical uniform.
Now the doctor will come, – said the nurse, covering the high couch with special paper.
A minute later, a doctor really entered the room – a beautiful woman of about 30.
Thomas Michael Smith
Eight years, – the doctor smiled, scrolling through Jenny’s completed questionnaires.
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