live webcam new york times square Spreading his mother’s full buttocks, he saw a red, strongly stretched anus of an elderly woman with drops of blood and feces around the edges, shining with grease and secretions, a thin stream of liquid stool, followed by a jerk and flowing down her white thigh.
Frowning in disgust, the man walked up to the table, picked up the bottle of ammonia and brought it to his victim’s face.
The old woman coughed and opened her eyes.
The executioner put the vial down and turned to the hanging woman.

At that very moment, a stifled groan rang out, an elderly woman, with horror, was looking at the nozzle.
– What, bitch, like ?! Don’t worry, whore, now, we’ll continue, ”the torturer approached his victim, the old woman screamed and, terrified, began to writhe and twitch on the rope.
– This is not a creature for you! – Approaching tight to the woman, the executioner grabbed her legs, and, strongly spreading them, inserted the nozzle into the mother’s vagina.

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With a hoarse roar, the sadist began to fuck an old woman, then he completely pulled out his terrible “tool” from her tormented body, then abruptly led him inside to the very end.
The old woman only jerked and, curving, screamed in pain.
Suddenly, her body tightened, strongly curved and convulsions of orgasm, literally shook him.
With difficulty, keeping the mother’s body beating in orgasm, the man only furiously fucked her in the shrinking vagina.
After a couple of minutes, the old woman fell silent, and her body went limp.
The executioner took a slippery tip out of her vagina; having turned his exhausted body to his back, he, without haste, held the nozzle from the tailbone down, and when the nozzle rested on something soft, he slightly pressed.
The “tool” easily entered the stretched anus of an elderly woman.

Sadist again took the old woman by the hips, and began to shake her, pushing her body, more and more on the “tool.”
Sensing how her butt filled up again, the old woman took a deep breath, and, knowing that it would bring pleasure to the Boss, tried to squeeze the buttocks, for which she received a blow to the back of the head.
– I’m crap, bitch! – croaked a man, putting his mother on the nozzle.
He wore her another twenty minutes, the old woman had finished again, pissing.
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