mature webcam streamate You didn’t get physically injured at all, yes, I understand, it was very painful, but now you are driving a completely decent car, and not on that bucket with rusty nails, as before.
– No, it’s just that I somehow accidentally saw you when you left the supermarket with shopping.
For obvious reasons, I did not approach you, but I saw your new car.
“Okay, more to the point.”

Who and, most importantly, how will this time torture me for grandmothers? – Yes, calm down, you finally.
Nobody was going to torture you then, it happened.
– Do you think that even what was, as you put it “normally”, was not torture? – It was just an “intense impact”, this is not torture, but simply not a very pleasant impact.
– Well, let’s call it “easy torture.”
By the way, nobody warned me about it in advance and did not ask for consent.
– Marina, that you clung to the words.
I know that you are a masochist, you just need such an “intense effect”!

You do not need to warn people like you about this – refuse, and then you regret.
– Igor, do not decide for me what I like and what does not! You asked to call to discuss my perversions with me? And where does all the money? Do you think a whore who agrees to endlessly torture her for money? – I have my usual offer “to play captive” in our quest.
– I decided to stop the discussion Igor.
– But only, please, without “intense medieval” adventures! – Marina, everything will be extremely vanilla.
And by the way, I have an idea to play the game not in a dark basement, but in a place you know well, for example, at the weekend in your office.
You will be so calmer.
You once told me that you have it in the industrial zone.
Do you have an outdoor video surveillance system and a weekend guard? – Igor, if I didn’t know what you were doing, you would decide that you were going to rob our office, you ask such questions.

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We have no video surveillance or security guard on weekends.
– Great! – Igor exclaimed happily – let’s meet tomorrow evening in the cafe and discuss the details.
At the appointed time of the “quest”, on Sunday morning, Marina, as agreed, drove to the office by taxi, so as not to return for the car.
Igor himself personally was waiting for her at the door of the office.
– Marina, this time you are on time.
If you were not late then, in your place there would be another girl.
Well, oh well, as they say, “whoever remembers the old one is out of sight!” Marina got her mechanical key, but the office door was unlocked, the office was not armed.
Marina was surprised, but she did not attach much importance to this.
– Marina, yesterday I forgot to give you for signing a part of our traditional papers on the topic of voluntariness, awareness, rules of the game and so on.
You already signed them more than once.

“Is everything old there?” – Marina asked, she thought a little, who could not lock the office and not give it to the security.
It is a pity that it will be impossible to complain to Alexander tomorrow.
– Marina thought – it will be very difficult to explain to him, but what did I do here on Sunday.
Marina quickly looked at the paper.
– Igor, do you have a pen? – Igor quickly extended his Parker fountain pen.
As soon as Marina signed the papers, Igor, somewhat hastily in her opinion, took them away.
– Marina, there is one more requirement – you should be in a bright orange swimsuit.
– What kind of nonsense is this? Where will I take it to you now? – We have little time, you change clothes, and then I will explain to you – with these words Igor stretched a sealed swimsuit-bikini in a poisonous orange color to Marina – This is so that I could be seen from the satellite – Marina joked.
– You almost guessed it.

As you will be ready, as agreed, come to the secretariat.
THREE IN A KOYKA, NOT CONSIDERING A DOG (story) At my head of the fleet repair shop, by the end of the working day my head was buzzing like a copper bell.
Telephone messages fell on my poor head during the working day, like grain from a holed bag.
A large naval teaching under the leadership of the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy was going on, and the ships, according to the introduction of its numerous mediators, were constantly “failing”.
And such specialists as me were entrusted with the task of quickly restoring the failed weapon and putting it into operation.
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