milky way chaturbate webcam show videos From the collars was a strong chain that could not be broken.
Tim and Andy looked at the floor and thought that it was devilishly attractive women to do with them.
They had previously visited the Mistress and suffered, so it is unlikely that today something will change.
“On knees!” – ordered Mrs. Annie.

– “Faster!” Both slaves immediately fell to the floor.
Mrs. Anuta stepped on Andy’s head with her boot so that her nose pressed against the stone floor.
There he and place.
The mistress stood and pondered who of the slaves before the flog today.
At this time, Mrs. Zina grabbed Tim by the hair and tilted his head so that his eyes showed the place where the shiny black boot of his Mistress no longer covered her leg.
She has such beautiful skin.
“Do not dare to stare at me!” shouted Mrs. world webcam viewer Zina.
“So,” Mrs. Annie asked a rhetorical question, “did you behave yourself, boys?” “Yes, Mrs. Anyuta,” Andy and Tim answered in one voice.
“Do you deserve punishment?” – asked Mrs.

“As you wish, Mrs. amateur teen tits webcam Zina,” Tim replied.
“If this gives you joy, Mrs. Zina,” Andy replied.
“In this case, you need to raise your ass higher, don’t you?” – asked Mrs. Zina.
Mrs. Annie commanded, looking at Andy from top to bottom – “In a pose.”
Mrs. hp pavilion g webcam Zina grinned, looking as Andy takes the standard position whipping up the ass.
“Well done” – praised the cruel Mrs. Annie.
“Well, girlfriend!” – added Mrs. Zina – “Right now, we warm them up!” Both slaves stood still and waited for the inevitable.
“Today it will be really painful,” Mrs. Annie warned.
“I have not flogged anyone and not fucked for two days, so right now you will pay for it.”
Mrs. alex bay webcam Annie chose a very thin stack – a cruel weapon; it was designed to pull horses.
If Mrs. Annie beat them in full force, the consequences for Andy were terrible. webcam young hairy
In the past, when Andy asked her for training, she said that if he could not tolerate her punishment, he would have to leave.

She had hit him hard before, but Andy felt that today she would bring him to the limit.
And he could not get away from her because she was the best Mrs. he had ever met.
It was an honor to serve such a beauty.
Mrs. Annie raised her hand with the stack.
Looking down, she lowered her hand and the stack left a bright red mark, tearing Andy’s ass.
“Aaaarr:” Andy cried, clenching his teeth to silence himself.
“Count the blows out loud,” Mrs. Annie reminded him.
“One, Mistress,” he answered.
Andy was waiting for the next blow, but he did not follow.
He looked up with surprise and saw that Mrs. Annie was waiting, smiling.
“Right, and now turn away,” Mrs. Big cam sex chat. Zina ordered, aiming her stack at Tim’s ass.
He whistled through the stack, but fortunately for Tim, he wore rubber pants that provided little protection for his poor skin.
“Count,” snapped Mrs. Zina.
“One, Mistress,” Tim obeyed.
“I don’t hear it,” Mrs.

Zina continued to mock.
Mrs. Zina.
“- Tim shouted.
“Do not dare to interrupt me, slave! I talked!” – Madam Zina got angry.
“He’s generally blunt” – Mrs. Annie wedged in.
“You’re right, girlfriend.
For his impatience, he will receive six more blows “- Mrs. Free webcam models. Zina decided and addressed the slave -” You must count the blows so that I know how much strength to put into your training.
So how many blows have there been? ”“ Odin, Mrs. Zina, ”Tim replied.
“Nefig!” – Mrs. Zina hissed.
– “It was minus six.
““ Minus six, Mistress, ”Tim agreed, sadly in his voice.
Anuta was touched by Tim’s rudeness and stupidity.
She clenched her teeth and, swinging her arms hard, stretched Andy up her ass so that blood spurted out.
“Aaaaa! Oooooh!” – Andy squealed, shifting from foot to foot.
“Do not move!” – snapped Mrs. Annie – “Damn, you start to annoy me a slave! You ask for a good spanking.
Now count!

”“ Two, Mrs. Porn stars boot camp. Annie, ”Andy mumbled.
“Do not mumble when you talk to me! Who do you think you are, asshole?” – Madam Annie was furious.
“Two, Mrs. Cam sex machine annamolli. Annie!” – cried Andy.
“Wrong, slave.
I decided that you, too, have minus six, ”Mrs. Anyuta told him.“ Well, yes? ”“ Minus six, Mrs. ”Andy sobbed, shuddering in pain.
“Behaves like a child,” Mrs. Zina commented before paying attention to Tim’s back.
In anticipation of hitting Tim all shrank.
Mrs. Zina lightly slapped him with a stack on the bottom, and then (when he relaxed) swung her back and struck a very painful blow.
“Do not fool me, brute!” she warned bitchyly.
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