nude cam to cam One hand of Aunt Lena slid on the back of my mother, and I did not see the other.
But then I realized what she was doing with her second hand.
Aunt Lena was taller than her mother, even without shoes, and she dug into the mouth of her mother from above, and her other hand untied the belt.
Soon the dress was open and the hand stroking the back quickly disappeared under the dress.

Aunt Lena sank down to her mother’s nipples and began to kiss them.
Mom moaned.
I have already heard this muffled moan full of desire and bliss.
I stood on what he saw.
I got it and began to stroke.
How I love your nipples, – said Aunt Lena.
No, Lena is not now, – said mom, Vitya is still awake.
You know I adore when you caress them, but not today, come on Monday, I have a day off when we are at school.
I want more, you know.
Aunt Lena pulled away and my mother turned slightly sideways, I saw her breasts with standing nipples, lace panties and a leg in a stocking.

Aunt Lena continued to gently stroke her breasts and tummy.
Of course, honey, she said, I will come on Monday.
Mom began to plow the dress, but Aunt Lena stopped her and kissed her nipple again.
Now you can.
She said, and her mother tied the belt tentatively.
Well, we will disperse, but it is already too late and Nina is already typed? – asked aunt Lena.
Of course, we will take her home now.
No, I don’t have to take her myself, and you lie down to rest.
I turned and wanted to run to my room, but then I noticed that Aunt Nina was standing in the hallway and was watching me jerk off.
She, too, was without a shoe, so I did not hear how she came up.
I stood with a standing member in her hand, she smiled, put a finger to her lips and waved her hand for me to leave.
I slipped into my room and sat down. webcam us
I did not know what to do, what will happen if it opens that I was looking, and especially jerking off.

My friends started to get home and then Aunt Nina called me.
I barely got up, my legs trembled.
Aunt Lena was already standing behind the door with her mother and Aunt Nina was in the hallway.
Goodbye Vitya.
She kissed me on the cheek and whispered in her ear – “and you have already become big.”
And she smiled.
They congratulated my mom again and drove off the elevator.
Mom closed the door and began to clean the table.
I helped her, and then began to wash the dishes.
When washed all the dishes went into the hall.
Mom slept on the couch without even taking off her shoes.
I turned off the light.
I was in prostration.
Before the eyes stood the image of a mother in the arms of Aunt Lena and the words of Aunt Nina – you became big.
I turned on the telly, but could not concentrate on the film.
Mom was sleeping on the couch on the back.
I called her, she did not respond.
I sat down near the sofa at my mom’s feet.

Mom was sleeping on her back with one hand under her head.
One leg was bent at the knee and set aside.
The dress rode slightly and the legs were clearly visible.
I do not know what pushed me, I decided to take off my shoes.
undoing the buckle on one shoe, I took it off.
Spicy smell he drove me crazy.
I stood again.
What am I doing? I pulled out a member and began to stroke it.
Then he opened the second fastener and took off the second shoe.
I sat admiring her slim legs, fingers with bright red varnish.
How I loved to watch my mother doing her pedicure, she always had her legs open completely and her panties were often visible.
I pulled out and began to jerk off, inhaling the smell of her feet.
Mom, I called again.
Go to sleep.
She did not react.
I shook her foot.
Zero emotion.
I did not remove my hand but ran my foot first to the foot and then higher.
No reaction.
She slept.
I am emboldened.

I decided to fulfill my dreams.
I began to kiss her legs licking them, each finger each mm, and continued to masturbate.
I could smell her on my lips, he stirred up the plant.
The stockings were already wet from my tongue, and I continued to lick.
How I wanted to take off stockings and suck fingers on legs, hold tongue over bare skin, between fingers.
Thinking about it and imagining how it would be great, I finished, but the member did not fall.
I could not stop.
I began to stroke my legs rising higher and higher.
And here appeared panties, red lace shears.
Touching them they were wet through.
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