oksuhaa bongacams The driver opened the doors and hit us in the nose with the smell of fresh grass.
I took our list and went to control.
– Hello! – the doctor said.
– Hello! – I said in response.

– How was your trip? Without accidents? – Yes thank you! We arrived well.

– According to the list of all? No one left? – Everything! – I replied and handed the list.
The doctor went to the salon and looked at the patients.
– How are you, chicken? She asked, laughing.
– Good! – came a friendly response.
– So! Chambers for three.
Alcohol – under any circumstances! Shower every four hours.
Not to run! Do not sunbathe! In the dining room to go full group.
In the office of gynecology – by appointment.
If you need something, then contact your maintainer, and he will contact me. indian hidden cam sex tube
All clear? – I see! – was a friendly response.
She got off the bus.
The driver closed the doors.
And we drove through the gate to the corps.
Three single-storey houses appeared before us, near which we were met by a bearded elderly man with glasses.
The bus stopped, and our whole group began to go out.
– Hello!

Said the man, addressing everyone.
– Hello! – we answered.
– Your attendant please go with me.
And while you breathe fresh air.
To whom it is difficult to stand, they can pass under the shed to the veranda.
There are benches.
I went with the old man to the second building.
We went into his office.
“Your list is fifteen, right?” – Absolutely.
– If you do not mind, I will offer you six rooms in the first building.
– Of course not! – I replied.
– Perfectly.
Then here are the keys to the five rooms, and this is from your room.
You are located in the second building.
Unfortunately, I can offer you only a corner one.
However, there is another advantage.
No one enters the first building for this month anymore, so your players will be alone and there will be no one to disturb them.
– Thank!
oksuhaa bongacams