old granny webcam tube Obeying a sudden impulse, I fell to my knees and began to kiss his feet.
He gently touched the foot to my face, stroked his toes, which I immediately began to kiss, eagerly breathing in their scent, and ordered me to rise.
– Ruslan, whose friend you offended so yesterday, told me that he would like to fuck such a girl as you.
They are ready to forgive you and me what happened and some more of my duty if you are gentle with him and fulfill all his desires.

I was still standing on all fours in front of my uncle, and at these words I felt such a weakness that I had to grab his leg so as not to fall on the floor.
– I will do everything that you order, my lord! But I want you to tear me first.
Fuck me, please take me while I’m a virgin.
– Everything that I said seemed to me absolutely natural.

“That’s your value.”
If you only knew the amount of the debt! .
I hope Ruslan will not cripple you and something will remain for me too. anal solo cam
Remember: you are my slave! Follow all my orders for sure, bitches! – Everything you say, my master! I was still under the influence of the drug and took any orders from my uncle with enthusiasm.
I entered the room where Ruslan was waiting for me in a transparent girl’s nightgown with slightly tinted lips and eyelids.
Ruslan sat on the bed like a throne.
He was naked.
– Get on your knees fucking! – He ordered.
I executed the order.
– Crawl to me and kiss my feet, the creature! Ass higher bully! – he continued to command.
I crawled, wagging my ass and arched at the waist.
My cheeks were burning with shame, but it was part of an unprecedented pleasure.

Facing his face in his legs, I began to kiss them.
Only then I noticed that Anton and Arthur were sitting in the corner of the room, also naked, with swollen limbs and mouths grinning in a smile.
Ruslan kicked me in the face with his foot.
– Now crawl to them and do the same! I crawled to them.
When I kissed Arthur’s legs, he suddenly painfully grabbed my hair and pulled my head to my groin, putting his battered cock on my lips.
– Suck, fuck! At the end of his dick came a muddy drop and I licked her.
She was salty-tart.
I remember the rest badly.
I was fucked in the ass all, this was connected and the drivers.
I screamed, moaned and asked for more.
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