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Studying at the technical school I was determined by my parents rather far from home.
So I did not come more than once every 3-4 months, because sometimes my parents would visit.
I lived in an apartment, the hostess rented a room with a double bed.

When parents came, they had to sleep with one of them in the same bed.

It must be said that during my studies I finally became a figure and more than once caught the uneasy looks of adult men.
Once in the third year my father arrived.
We went to bed.
At night, I felt some pressure in the penis area.
On the change of breath, my father noticed that I woke up, but did not even move.
The reason for the pressure was my father’s leg bent at the knee, lying directly on my penis. young couple webcam sex
Five minutes later, my even breathing convinced him that I fell asleep again, and I felt a rhythmic pressure on my penis with my knee.
I heard a sound from the gum of his underpants, probably he could not restrain himself.

As they say, I turned into a rumor.
The wafting friction of his hand could only be when jerking a dick.
It lasted about five to seven minutes.
I already wanted to reach out to his member and come what may.
But then he touched me sideways, and I felt his excited member and then I could not pretend – my pisun was discharged with sperm.
Father froze.
My heart was beating, and it was ready to break from the orgasm, and because a member of my father caused an orgasm.
He and I lay unmoving.
But the smell of my sperm made me rise and go to the bathroom to wash.
When he returned, the father asked: “Why did you get up?” I replied that I wanted to go to the toilet.
This and limited.
Another joyful moment from the close presence of the man was in the fourth year of college.
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