samsung s3 webcam It was a pity to look at her, but he coped and struck it out of life, if not from memory.
And so.
“You have a beautiful car.
“Timur laid his head on a soft leather roller and smiled for the first time, sleepily, having adjoined his long wet eyelashes.

Drops of water ran down his frosty dark swollen cheekbones.
“Usual car,” Aslan grunted in response, including the heater to the maximum level.
– Warm up a little.
Your hosts have a head out of place, they haven’t even built a gatehouse! ”Silent music streaming from a stereo recorder lulled to sleep.
“How long have you been working here?” Asked a man.
The young man answered.
A few more blank questions to scare away the silence.
The last question hung in the air.
Timur was asleep.
His white-rimmed, pink lips parted, revealing a row of young translucent teeth.

Suddenly he sobbed.
Through the indistinct mumbling, only one distinct word sounded: “Dad. hot teen sex cam
“Aslan turned around and looked at him for a long time, feeling with every cell, like a panicky feeling of shame, pity and animal lust spreading over his body caught in a snare.
A week later, an olive car slowed down at a gas station.
It was already getting dark.
The road was empty.
As soon as Timur dived into the womb of the car smelling of leather and expensive cigarettes, the door lock buttons smoothly lowered.
Aslan pulled two bluish bills out of his pocket.
“You need help,” he said, guiltily hiding his eyes.
– Do not mind.
Take this money.
I think you will not earn more on this rusty ruin in six months.
After a while you will get more. ”
The young man’s puzzled look did not prevent him from speaking.

It was a deal.
At that moment, having rejected the melancholy that had accumulated during the week, he spoke without hesitation.
“I don’t take handouts,” muttered an embarrassed boyish voice in response.
“Need to do something?” Aslan put his hand on the guy’s knee.
“You will earn them.”
Timur tried to throw off this beautiful arrogant hand, but his strong long fingers clasped his body.
“I have no son,” the man’s hoarse voice sounded.
– And God forbid, will not.
Because what I feel for you now is unnatural, unacceptable.
I feel sorry for you as a son, but I want you as much.
Do you understand? Of course, you do not understand.
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