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Timo tightens his lips, a loud moan escapes from his throat.
With his free hand, he holds my lips.
I immediately wrapped my lips around his fingers.

After a few minutes, he removes his hand from my mouth.

And the next moment I feel how with one finger it starts to stretch me.
At first it is unpleasant, but then everything passes.
Moving towards him.
Hands stroking his hair and face.
He adds a second finger.
I scream in surprise, he stops for a moment, but then continues moving them inside me again.
Spends the language the entire length of my penis.
A trembling wave runs over the body.
His movements are cutting and chaotic.
Before the eyes of things, they begin to waltz. cam porn videos xvideos com
Another moment – and I pour it into his mouth.
My body goes limp and makes it impossible to move.
Now it seems to me that I can fly.
I soar like a bird at a height of a thousand miles above the earth.
From my thoughts, Timo’s kisses pull me out.
He is gentle, but persistent.

No, I can not fly.
Again I pull him to me and kiss you.
I still have my taste on his lips.
I suck his lip, then I run my tongue over it.
He rolls his eyes, and then abruptly comes off.
– I can no longer tolerate.
He takes his fingers out of me and enters with one sharp movement.
I squint and clamp my mouth so as not to scream, but still a moan escapes from me, more like a creak.
– Sorry.
I could not help it.
– with an apologetic look looks at me.
And I will forgive him.
How can I take offense at him? After all, he is my sun, which illuminates my life path.
After waiting a little while I get used to the sensations, he begins to move, increasing the pace with each push.
He needs a discharge.
I understand.
I understand and tolerate.
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