webcam hot hd But of course to devote any of his cellmates to his escape plans was like death.
It remained only to carefully study the situation, deliberately now imitating laziness, to be more often around the cherished gate.
After a month of observations on the run, I noted that the gate closes with a simple key, like old communal apartments.
And in the end, fate became favorable to me! I picked up a few pieces of steel wire in the hacienda area, which I was able to turn into a kind of master keys with the help of pliers in the garden workshop.

It only remained to seize the moment – and hacking a simple lock with prepared master keys, finally breaking free! Oh my God! How my heart, when I dared to run up and quite easy to open the cherished door, leading to the long-awaited freedom !!! A small corridor was ahead and I was terribly afraid of being caught by surprise.
In the corridor on the wall hung a box with a small ad: – Before going outside – turn off the alarm !!!

When I passed the second unlocked door, I saw a similar device near it with an inscription calling to turn on the alarm again! And here I was at FREEDOM !!!! Of course – the first thought is to run away as far as possible, until the oversight slave notices that something is wrong, hiding in the mountainous terrain, among the mountain spruces growing very close to the hills! But along the way, I prayed to all the gods that on my way there would be at least some trickle! Because I knew that dogs that were set on my trail could easily find me in dry thickets. asian webcam xxx
And here I am very lucky! After about five hundred meters, I saw a mountain stream, through which I decided to climb high into the mountains, as if taking traces away – after all, no one of the slaves would ever think to run to the mountains, when you can pick leaves in the hollow below to cover intimate places and start quickly vote on the road to get in a passing transport.

I frantically overcame the cliffs, despite the abrasions, ran along a rocky stream up and up, hiding my tracks in the stream of water.
By the end of the day I was exhausted, but I felt as if I had done everything necessary for my own salvation! Water was near, and it saved from many difficulties.
Having broken a dead wood in a secluded place, I built a semblance of a hut and laid fir branches on the ground.
I KNEW that all the worst is over, that the desired freedom already fills my lungs and heart! The plan was as follows: To spend the night here, and then lightly dressed up, make yourself some kind of panties, overcome a mountain pass and go to the nearest road far from the location of the hacienda with the slaves.
Sooner, very early in the morning, Mrs. Webcam self. Irina will not have time to notify the police about the disappearance of a person, much less passing motorists.
That’s exactly what I hoped for as manna from heaven.

And there, in his hometown – to run to the friends and get to his own apartment as soon as possible! The backup key is always kept by Nicholas – a close friend.
There, I will be safe, with all the documents and most importantly, no one will prove that I was absent due to slavery.
It was getting dark, it was getting cooler – I wrapped the branches as I could and fell into sleep from tiredness and constant lack of sleep, fell asleep, like a dead man.
FREEDOM was conquered by chance, patience, the ability not to lose heart, to find a way out of a practically hopeless situation !!! CONCLUSION.
I woke up from unusual heat! Woke up, startled.
For some reason I ended up in my own bed, although I shouldn’t have yet!
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