webcam lifecam studio full hd My cock began to strain in time with her breath.
When I first got to it, the clitoris was almost dry.
Slightly extending the fingers deep into, between the lips of the fine pussy, I dipped them into the hot moisture that filled Tonechkino’s vagina.
Moistening my clitoris with my fingers, I began to caress him with a new force.

Gentle bump rolled under my fingers, then disappearing, then swelling with a new force.
I did not hold back my fantasies – I squeezed the magic button with two fingers, twisted it, pressed it deep, rubbed it gently.
Tonya nozzles, oikala, uttered completely inexpressible sounds that more and more ignited me.
My experience of caressing the clitoris at that time was almost exhausted by intercourse with the letters of my own wife, who was very fond of such a sexual delicacy, but was so capricious at its use that I did not often force myself to do it.
My wife demanded such gentle touches to her sensitive point and with a rhythm only known to her at each moment of time that I could not withstand these parameters for a long time and regularly received her dissatisfied hiss in the intervals between the squeezed moans of his wife: – “Slower.

keep it down
Being excited by the process, I no longer controlled myself completely, and tried to move my fingers in the rhythm that I was used to and was pleasant to myself.
As a result, more often than not, the wife remained unsatisfied, and I was denounced as a disgraceful man as a stupid man who did not understand the needs of the female body.
Now, caressing Tonin the tubercle, I felt with all my fibers that Tone was pleased with absolutely everything I was doing, regardless of rhythm and power.
At some point, I felt how my legs were tense and she didn’t become silent for a second, held her breath and stopped making so much excitement moans. webcam lifecam studio full hd
Slightly lifting the ass, Tonya tried to press closer to my finger.
Trying not to frighten away the peak of pleasure rolling on Tonya, I continued to make the same movements with my fingers that woke up the growing avalanche of orgasm in Ton and then it came.

The elastic caterpillar under my finger began to throb, and in time with these pulsations Tonya groaned in my ear.
I pressed a revived mound with my finger, and I froze, not disturbing the woman.
The impulses stopped and Tonya as she immediately went limp and, breathing heavily, lowered her ass on the sleeping bag.
My hand froze, clamped by Tonin’s hips.
We lay in silence, experiencing what had happened, tired of the orgasm, Tonya and I, who received no less pleasure from the process of satisfying the woman in such cramped conditions.
By this time, my wet smelting was hardly able to restrain the pressure of a member who was ready at the first opportunity to escape from close captivity.
Slowly coming to my senses, I began to think about how to contrive, take off the lower parts of clothing from Tony and myself in order to regurgitate the accumulated sperm into the intended place.

It is good that the narrowness of the tent did not allow Tone, in the process of my caresses, to start her hand in my bathing suit.
I could guess the result with great accuracy – I would have been devastated a long time ago, Emotions were transmitted to me so much.
In the meantime, my cock was in a crooked state, he was not able to do something on his own, and patiently waited for him to be called to action.
He knew how long he would have to endure.
Tony’s breathing became even.
To my amazement, Tonya again spread her legs so that my fingers regained their freedom.
Moving them, I discovered that Tonin’s crotch became so wet that I was scared for the condition of the sleeping bag.
How tomorrow to explain to children why a puddle formed at night under Aunt Tonya? Fingers habitually groped for a hidden clitoris.
I begin to gently touch his tops, still not believing my sensations.

After all that I did with her “button”, Tonya is ready to continue !!! A few movements and a bump wakes up, it fills with amazing elasticity and starts playing cat and mouse with me again.
I press it on top, he deftly slips down to the entrance to the vagina.
I catch it with two fingers and drag it upwards, twisting a little.
I twist it in circular motions and again force it deep into the Tonechkogo bosom.
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