webcam photo taker Pasha, interrupting the singing, put Masha “on the handles” and squeezed, seeking sighs and groans from her.
But Masha asked to sing again, they laid the collar, and now Pasha sang her beloved, hooligan: “There on the mountain covered with poppy seeds, the Artist put the maiden.
in a pose, Painted it like a rose, Then covered it all.
varnish. ”

Already determined to give the most precious to her chosen one, Dasha suddenly became alert and slowly but surely began to distance herself from Arkasha.
And Pasha laughed in the dark, like Satan, and continued to outrage over the still weak feeling of two young hearts, and his couplets were accompanied by the friendly laughter of Masha and Natasha: “The ataman Kozolupa had a huge.
dexterity, a seven-shot rifle and two raccoon sheepskin coats “.
Dasha freed herself from Arkashi’s hands and moved further away.
Time to sleep.
Hey girls, go home!

Come, come! At the next fire, they stopped laughing, agreed to go further along the route together and put tents only nearby.
When Arkady came back home, Pasha and Sasha took the women to their tents and returned, the fighting began: What did you start to scream at you? Home!? Couldn’t you take her mouth with something? Kiss, for example.
I’m already lobbying my chest! And I put my on my knees and rested on something divinely soft and tender! I’m still to blame! Ha! I had everything on the ointment! And you about Kozolupa! What we are gentle! U-by-bye! Yes you are quiet! They all hear! Let’s sleep.
The next day, the women somehow managed to make their kayak holes on completely innocuous shallows.
I had to stop, unload things, pull kayaks to the shore.
While drying the boat and preparing the repair kit, Pasha and Masha went to the river and talked peacefully. webcam photo taker
Thank you, Pavel, for staying with us.

Generally speaking, we would have done it ourselves.
I am an experienced canoeist.
Yes, I see.
But together more fun.
It’s right.
What is to thank you? What can thank women single travelers who are tired on the road? Only the most expensive that they have.
In what sense?.
Yes, I already tremble with lust! Let’s make a night of love! Well.
I’m not against.
So, you – me, Sasha – Natasha, and Arkasha – Dasha.
Only Dasha is a virgin.
Will your friend cope with difficulties? Yes, this is a crucial moment.
I am ready to take on the difficulties.
So I knew.
Fuck you walrus! No, you are mine! I joked.
Natasha and I deprived her virginity friend in Moscow.
We bought the most necessary things in the sex shop, got drunk and deprived Natasha of her apartment.
What a brutality! Could make some guy happy! That’s it! Any
In the evening the boat was repaired, a grandiose dinner was prepared, and Sasha and Arkasha caught a fish trifle in the river, which they roasted on twigs over a fire.

After the meal, we sang in chorus: “I will go out to the big river in the morning, In the morning, the summer will end, And I must not give in mind, That I don’t want to die.”
We sang for a long time and with pleasure.
The girls got up to mischief and asked Pasha to sing funny couplets.
Mephistopheles laughter of Pavel shook the open spaces, and it started over the river: “The pirates rode rowing oars, the captain with his assistants e.
– Halo at the fair Vanka-Kholui, for three pennies showed xy.
– Dozhnik, artist, young artist, draw me a girl with a torn pi.
– marts, oh, pirates, funny guys, during the day they fight, and in the evening e.
“Everyone sang along and laughed till they dropped.
Everyone was already aware that rowing today is inevitable, so you need to relax and enjoy the process.
It got dark.
The children, smoking, stepped aside and drew lots on matches.
The one who gets short, started with his lover on the street, the rest could make love in comfortable conditions – in a tent.

A short match pulled Pasha.
He muttered, approaching Masha: In Nature.
This is so romantic! Come on, my darling.
Yes, take a gum? Spiral is better.
I have chosen it for a long time.
The man hugged his girlfriend’s waist and led him to the forest.
Without going into it, he kissed Masha firmly on the lips, pulled her close and began to squeeze her strong ass.
The woman looked toward the tents and said: They are watching us.
Hey, friends! So it will not work.
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