webcams sex live Bear, quickly chewing, wiped his napkin, and took the phone.
– Where to press it? – he asked.
– Speak.
I already clicked.

The phone squeaked, confirming the connection, and Misha, holding him with funny hands with both hands, said: – Alla, Meat! It’s me.
Hello! Listen chtol! – Who, who! Yes I.
From where And here we are sitting in a cafe.
What are we doing? Eat here.
And I won the money! Aha Yes, I’m not lying !.
Yes many.
Two thousand!! Do not vruuu! With Jan what? Never mind.
Here is near.
Yes, everything is fine Mit.
Well, I give – said Mishka, stretching my pipe.
– On.
He asks you, he said to me.
I took the pipe: – Yes.
– Jan, how are you doing there? Is everything okay What kind of cafe? Where are you? – Mitin voice came.
“Everything is good. bongacams orgasm webcam videos 2019 Mit, we will have a snack right now and we are on our way,” I said.
– Jan! Well, again you ruined everything! I’ve cooked up such a dinner here! And they have a snack there! – Mitya was upset.
– Come on, you grasshopper!

We took something, a sandwich, but a cup of coffee, all that.
Mit, we’ll definitely eat your lunch! – I said winking at the same time to the guys.
Those simultaneously with a clever view nodded.
– Well, let’s not long then.
And then I’m bored here.
– pulled Mitya.
– Everything, already we go to Mit.
– I said.
“I am waiting,” said Mitya.
– Come on.
– I answered and turned off the phone.
“He’s worried,” I said to the boys.
– What.
– Can really go already? – said Denis. porn tube amateur webcam
– Yeah! – said Mishka.
“Well then, let’s go,” I agreed.
We left the cafe, I opened the backside of the jeep and stuffed all the purchases.
When we were driving along our highway, Denis suddenly said to me: – Yanik.
Do you remember someone promised me to learn to ride? – he smiled.
– Yes-aaaaa? Pra-a-a-d-aa-aa? – I laughed in surprise.
Something I do not remember who.
Mitya can? – Well.
It’s not fair.
– as if whining began Denis.
– Ok, come here to me.
– I said.

Deliska, delighted, quickly climbed on the move, and sat down on my lap.
– I am generally on the pedals, you’re on the steering wheel.
Is it going – I smiled.
– Oh.
– said Denis, holding the wheel.
I slowed down, and drove to the edge of the road to turn on the emergency lights.
– Hold tight, and do not be afraid.
Here, here, so.
Smoother, more, more, – I said, holding the steering wheel with my right hand.
Denis was a little nervous, and either out of fear, or in fact, clutching the steering wheel, he was not very good.
I completely let go of the steering wheel, letting him feel the car.
He first started wagging, but then when I dropped a little more, leveled off the markup, and drove straight.
– wow! Cool Yan! – he turned around.
– You look at the road.
– I laughed, turning his head.
Deniska smiled again, and again turning around, he suddenly kissed me.
I felt my face flush and look back at Mishka.
He laughed, and with a shrug said: – Come on.

What? I have not seen anything.
– You Misha, do not pay attention – I tried to otmazatsya.
It happens to him.
– Yeah.
– Bear laughed.
Mitya told me how it happens.
When you are at night.
I was suddenly surprised by the brakes, from which Deniska screamed.
– Um.
– I looked at Mishka, blushing even more.
What did Mitya say? !!! It’s you like, you know everything, right? – Yes, I said, Ian.
Everything is okay enough! – he smiled again.
– Darn.
Houses will understand.
Denis turned to Mishka, and with a wink said: – Toka has no one else, okay? – Of course! – said Misha, and both laughed.
I took the wheel with my left hand, and adding gas, I switched to the second.
Deniska, realizing that he had gone quickly, began to crawl on me.
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