wife hidden cam orgasm They appointed the day, although no, they appointed an evening.
I came to him in a luxury apartment.
Both were in lab coats on their naked bodies.

Yana was very sexy, because the only thought in my head was that I would fill her pussy with cum with my mouth.
Even though they had sex before a monk, they did not hurry to do it in front of me.
I had to do something and I suggested watching porn together.
After all, even in a cafe, we decided that there should be a lot of sperm, and for this, Vita needs to abstain for at least 6 days.
In order for Vitya to relax, Yana tied his eyes with a scarf and, undoing his robe, pulled out Vitya’s member – the average such member, 17 centimeters long.
And took it in her mouth.
Caressing him with such affection as I have not yet seen live.
She held the tongue along the bridle so gracefully, and the abundant saliva flowing from her mouth over the penis, the exciting shone.
– Come here, baby, come on, let him feel your mouth too, – she whispered.

“EEE,” protested Victor.
But Yana had already taken his mouth with a kiss, and my tongue was already sliding over the bridle.
After all, he really should get used to my mouth.
And I sucked, sucked a member of a peasant who did not want it at all, but could not resist the excitement and desire to have a child.
The head of the penis was already moistened with Yana’s saliva, and I, taking the penis in my right hand, slowly began to masturbate him.
Then I ran my tongue from the testicles to the head, moving as slowly as possible along the bridle, which caused Victor to moan through the lips of his wife. hidden cam porn
She actively kissed her lover.
I already wrapped my lips around my dick and began to move, trying to make my bridle pass exactly in my tongue.
A few minutes later Yana came down to me and we started to caress the member together, then at the same time, then by turns.
I turned and leaned back.
resting my hands on the floor, so that I was below the testicles, clasped them with my lips, caressed the tongue.

Meanwhile, Yanochka tried to implant her head as deeply as possible on the penis.
Although she couldn’t do a deep blowjob, it gave her husband even more sensations.
“It seems to me that Vita likes it when two tongues caress him,” said Yana, smacking.
I, of course.
I was very excited, very.
I knew that I would not have sex today.
That I will masturbate and Jana’s gorgeous mouth is inaccessible to me, like the rest of her holes.
But persuasion is persuasion.
Yana, meanwhile, slowed down and moved her head more and more slowly and slowly, and then said: – Boys, let’s do what we are going for !!! She lay on the floor with her head, and put her ass on the edge of the sofa.
Thus, her legs hung down towards the floor, as if she wanted to caress her pussy with her mouth.
I sat next to and saw how wet it was.
She shaved her pussy right before my arrival, so she was smooth and all glistened with her discharge.
I gently touched her tongue with her tongue, slowly ran through this pea, relaxing my tongue and saw how Vitya stood on top of Yana, facing her!

He was still with his eyes tied, so Yana sent him to herself.
org) His penis was bursting with excitement, but he did not sharply enter it, but did it so tenderly and energetically.
This moment, when he plunged the head of a member inside his beloved woman, whom he madly wanted and adored, is beyond words.
I saw all the love that he wanted to convey with this movement, and it was beautiful.
I have never seen so much tenderness in person.
Usually sex for me is a pleasure, animal passion, and here, right in front of my face, the member entered the heated bosom with all possible tenderness and care.
I was stripped to the waist.
That is, I was wearing jeans and a T-shirt was missing.
I could not even jerk off, because for this I had to either get a member, or cum in jeans and go to a dirty home.
wife hidden cam orgasm