angel eyes webcam Vlad: do you hear what your girlfriend is doing? If you are obedient, I will not do this to you.
Now I will untie you, put me on my knees and take off the gag, you will only speak when I say, be quiet the rest of the time.
When I take off your mask, look only at your feet.
He took Lena from the cross, put handcuffs on his hands from behind, put them on his knees and took off her gag.

She surprised him, was silent – there were no threats from Yulka.
Since childhood, Lena was a notorious girl, she always obeyed her parents.
What to say about the fact that she would be ashamed to pee at someone, she was even embarrassed to eat in the company.
Therefore, it was more manageable.
Vlad: – Lena, now I will give you a name to choose from, I like you, because you are very obedient.
You can call me Lord or Master, always look at your feet, do not even think to raise your eyes higher if I ask.
Here are your names to choose from: davalka, nipple, chubby, vagina, hole.
What do you like more, answer! Helen: puffy.

Vlad already put a collar on her neck, instead of the usual leash to the collar, he chose round clips for her chest, the wiring was attached to them. webcam virtual
Vlad: – now it will be a little painful, be patient.
He began to squeeze her large breasts in rubber rings, the rubber was very tight and bent heavily.
When both breasts entered the rings, the puffy sobbed.
On each ring there was a clip-decoration for the nipple, Vlad clamped the nipples in them, the plump sobbed again.
Now the breasts did not fall, the clamps held each nipple and the breasts stood.
Vlad: – chubby, for good behavior will take off your mask and give you a meal.
First, we wash you and your holes well.
Vlad: – with cancer got up, legs wider, ass higher! It was a good show, Vlad liked women with a tummy and a big ass, big breasts were also a good addition, it was a good idea to hold on.
Vlad unstick the tape that held the plugs.
Vlad: – push the corks out, I removed the scotch.
The chubby woman didn’t have to push much because of the grease that had accumulated there, the vaginal plug slowly started to come out and jumped out, a little grease mixed with urine was poured.

The situation was more complicated with the booty, the traffic jam was big and the special irregularities did not allow her to just get out.
The chubby puffed up, moaned, the cork came out a little then went back into the anus.
Vlad stood in one of his hands was a leash that came from her breasts, the second he podrachival already risen member.
Once again, the cork came out, the puffy clenched her teeth and tightened strongly, the cork with a strong sound fell out of the anus, but the puffy could no longer stop it, her butt did not obey her.
Vlad: – well, you also fart, piled such a pile, aren’t you ashamed?
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