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– Brother also rose from the floor, taking from my hands a box with napkins, and carefully approached, hoping for a kiss on my part, which I gladly presented to him.
“I think we should reconsider our relationship.”
– I am for it”.

– And his hand gently fell on my dick.
How much do you trust your parents? I have never had a father, and the circle of trust in the family is reduced to one person.
To my mother.
She is a serious purposeful woman who has chosen a career above her family happiness, but has never forgotten that she has a son.
She always had time and energy on me.
What else to say? I respected her, and I always consulted with her about everything.
Shortly before my eighteenth birthday, on shaky legs, I approached her and confessed my orientation.
This was not a spontaneous or easy decision.
Do not think that it is simple, even if the relations in the family are built on mutual respect, and her love for me has never been doubted, it was damn difficult to take and tell.

I was just shaking, and while I was talking, I practically did not look at her face.
– in her puree, salad and, personally cutting the chicken, put a large leg on top.
I was amused by such a courtship, but I decided to remain silent.
Can’t you just stop sulking at the end? But oddly enough, I quickly gave up.
All evening a friend tried to cheer me up, telling funny stories, making faces and all sorts of taunts.
My mother was delighted.
It was hard to be angry with him, especially since nothing had really changed.
In terms of his relationship to me, everything was the same as always, and it calmed me.
After dinner, the three of us sat down to watch a movie, whose name quickly disappeared, like the plot itself, but everyone was fine: mother, because she drank a second glass of wine, and Lehoy and me, because we mocked the whole movie over mom, teasing her beloved actress and in every possible way not letting her enjoy watching. teen body webcam
The evening was a success.
– My dear, you will bed your friend in the living room, I will now bring the linen and blanket, and you, Lesh, do not be shy, if you need to say something to Max.

A few minutes later I already covered the sofa.
Mom, wishing good night, went to his room.
And I just now realized that for the first time we were alone, and again I felt a little uncomfortable.
– Well, the toilet, the bath you know where.
– And, without waiting for an answer, I walked back to my room.
– good.
I took out the tablet twice to check the news, I even thought to read a book a little, but this idea quickly disliked me.
And suddenly there was a knock on the door.
– Max.
I thought that Lech himself would go into the room, as is usually the case, but instead, he knocked on the door again.
I had to get out of bed.
“What do you want?” “Forgive me, haven’t you slept yet?” “I fell asleep.
As you see.
“May I have a smoke on the balcony?” “I didn’t know that you were smoking.
– Passing a friend into the room, involuntarily looked down on his bare back.
– Only quiet, God forbid mother will know.
She is totally against nicotine.
– Okay.
Will you make a company?

”“ All right.
I’ll only shake something on myself.
Without thinking, I wrapped myself in my favorite blanket.
To be honest, it was already so hot on the street, I just didn’t want to shine in front of my friend, yes, and you can’t call your skinny body perfect.
Another thing Lech, in his place I would not wear a vest at all.
For a while we stood, silently, peering into a dark deserted street.
Although the balcony was small, the view was good.
– Sorry about today.
– Lech made a small pause.
“I didn’t want to poke fun at you.”
– I know.
– It’s like a defensive reaction.
I just did not know how to start talking about it.
– Yes, there is nothing special to say.
– Yes I know.
Simply, you should know that I care.
– Thank.
I felt embarrassed and at the same time proud that I have such a friend.
“Why did you even start smoking?” “Yes, I don’t smoke.”
“Now what are you doing?” “I am macho, damn it.
– And with these words I threw an unfinished cigarette into the darkness.

I looked blankly at my friend.
True, he is sometimes a little strange, but this somehow doesn’t look like him at all.
– I want to tell you something.
– Lech looked a little worried, I was already beginning to think if something bad had happened, but he immediately added – I like you.
– Yes, I always liked you too, I would be friends with someone P.
And then he kissed me.
Not like kissing in romantic films.
It was a sharp short kiss, which I did not expect at all, and which I did not have time to reciprocate.
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