bongacams anal sex I clearly saw red spots on my thighs, and in one place there were clearly visible finger marks.
Mom smeared those red places with some kind of cream, then quickly began to take off the T-shirt over her head, there was no bra under the T-shirt.
And just as quickly began to rub her boobs, her left breast was very red.
A couple of times she threw faster glances at the door, then on my shelf, continuing to rub the cream on her body.

Then she quickly put on her gray nightie, took off her sandals and started to pull down her shorts.
Someone tried to open the door, but it was locked, my mother quickly hid her shorts and went to open the doors, hiding behind a sheet.
Here, dear reader, I deviate for a second from the story, because I want to express my assumptions.
Having become older and having gained some experience in attitudes towards the female sex, I came to the conclusion.
What at first she really wanted to amuse her vanity, teasing a man who was not familiar.

Then, when he began to move from compliments to more active actions, this angered her and did not even offend much.
But then when in the vestibule he squeezed and squeezed it well, she was at first frightened and escaped escaped back into the compartment.
But already putting herself in order, somewhere in the depths of her soul, this situation began to excite her.
That her mature, well-groomed, beautiful woman had just been ripped off like the last vestige of a platform. live cam porn videos
Otherwise, why did she change into her home nightie? Under which were only one dark lace panties without a bra? I deliberately made this indent, because without it, this and all further actions do not seem logical.
Although the logic and the woman.
Hiding behind the sheet, my mother opened the lock on the door and quickly slipped back into her seat.
Taking the book in her hands, she laid down and covered herself with a sheet, pretended to be reading, at that time the doors opened and Anatoly appeared on the threshold with some kind of angry expression on his face.

Before he sat down in his place, I noticed that his right cheek was red, apparently my mother was adequately holding the defense of her body.
At first they drove in silence, my mother pointedly pretended not to notice him point-blank.
I did not see Anatoly, only his hands on the table were twisting a matchbox.
Then he tried to say something to his mother, but she interrupted him and gave him out in an angry whisper.
What if he again throws something like that, she will scream at the whole train and call for help.
And she does not want to talk about anything else with him.
The man tried to argue, just did not mutter something loudly, that he was a normal man, but she didn’t see a beautiful woman and didn’t see anything wrong with her actions.
And in that spirit, he spoke for another five minutes.
Mom defiantly ignored him, with a stone face leafing through a book.
After sitting a little man breathed and got up out of the compartment, quietly closing the door behind him.

Mom did not read the book for a long time, then looked at the closed doors, as it seemed to me even with some regret.
By this time, the train began to slow down, making a planned stop at one of the stations.
Glancing over my shelf and making sure that I was sleeping, my mother got up and, standing in front of the mirror, started spinning in a nightie.
She took various seductive poses, leaned over, creased her breasts and drove her hand in the groin area looking at her reflection in the mirror.
At this time I almost cried for itching in the penis.
bongacams anal sex