bongacams token generator no survey Mike wanted to ask why he was doing this, but then Andrei took out a finger, and the girl felt his hard and big one, but what’s there, just a huge trunk for a narrow girl’s ass, goes inside.
– Oh th th! Even with the gel it turned out to be painful.
But the man’s toy was already sitting in Mikin’s bottom, and Andrew himself was lying on top and tenderly kissed the girl’s neck and shoulders.
– Well, everything, everything, everything.


It will not hurt anymore.
Will be good.
Mike nodded weakly in response and put her head on her palms, obeying Andrei’s team, and he, continuing to kiss the girl, began to move smoothly in her ass.
Andrew did not deceive.
There was no more pain.
Even, unpleasant at first, the sensation of a rod moving back and forth there, quickly smoothed out, becoming imperceptible, and then completely pleasant. bongacams token generator no survey
And not just, but very pleasant.
Mike was surprised to notice that her breathing became faster again, her nipples tightened and hardened, and her ass, as if against her will, lifted herself up to the movement that slid inside the toy.

Still! Lifting herself up on her elbow, Mike turned her head, looking for Andrei’s kiss.
Their lips met, and, having appeared accessible, the breast waiting for caress covered the strong and at the same time gentle hand of the man.
– Oh, um.
Mike felt that the source, which seemed to spill out every last drop, was reborn again inside the cave.
She did not expect that she would have enough strength to experience something else today.
But the tireless, rhythmic caress, moving inside the piston, again filled her magical lake of pleasure.
A little more and it will overflow, filling the close, sweetly quivering walls of the cave with tart love juice.
Andrew, how much she could judge Mike, also sought to finish.
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