boyfriend on webcam Her right hand reached the “spear” aspiring into the sky and, clasping it, began to move slowly up and down.
Rita’s lips kissed the dice of the press on her lover’s stomach, gradually approaching a thick bush of hair, from which Anton’s trunk proudly bristled.
here are her lips converged on the head of a hot member, and the tongue began circling on its edge, lingering on the bridle to dance the rapid tango.
Rita’s head moved rhythmically together with her hand, hugging the trunk, while with her other hand she stroked her belly and her hot womb.

The young woman again wanted to feel the tongue of Anton in her cave and she moved to the “69” position, lowering her cave on the man’s face.
Rita seized a member with her mouth, simultaneously pulling out her ass, allowing Anton to arrange licking at the same time two of her holes.
She felt his hot, impetuous tongue, circling around her “buttons”, sometimes falls into the vagina, then Rita froze with pleasure, trying to cuddle more and leaving the sticking out member caressing.

Anton hands spread the halves of Rita’s priests, making the skin tension between them maximal, which was why she was perceived especially keenly by the caress of his tongue circling around the anus ring.
“I want to feel your tongue in the pope! Caress me there! ”- Rita asked, and immediately felt the wet tongue of a man gently penetrate inside, causing pleasure.
Rita completely gave herself to this new caress for her, trying to get maximum pleasure.
Sensing a new wave of desire and need to be filled, Rita slowly sank her shiny pussy on Anton’s cock, looking him straight in the eye.
The position of “Rider” always liked Rita, allowed to control the desired pace, depth of penetration.
Anton turned his gaze down the belly and enchanted stopped for absorbed and re-released pink vagina member.
His hands stroked Rita’s legs, trying to speed up her movements, Rita raised and lowered her hips, as if prancing on a parody stallion, more and more burning and making the amplitude of movements more widespread, trying to completely absorb this wonderful instrument of love.

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From below, Anton gave his hips to meet Rita’s movements, feeling that this sweet “torture” could not last forever.
I will soon! Fuck me Still.
“He moaned.
His strong hands were squeezing the students’ buttocks, throwing her up and down with force on the member ready to explode.
From such a rough caress, as if used to satisfy her, Rita’s feelings intensified, voluptuous moans began to break from her lips on higher and higher notes, climbing higher and higher.
Anton began to throw out her sperm inside with an animal roar, having planted Rita and not allowing her to move.
The feeling that she brought a man to orgasm and the whole non-standard situation led to another woman’s orgasm sweeping over a young body.
Relaxed, without removing the penis from the vagina, Rita sat down on Anton, feeling his hands stroking her back, buttocks, legs, giving a grateful and tender caress.
“How attentive and gentle he is,” thought Rita, floating out of love mist into reality.

Rita’s lips met Anton’s lips and merged into a long, piercing, tender, passionate kiss, which is the only one that can be immediately after intercourse.
For some time they lay down on a blanket, exposing the heated bodies to the sun and to the light warm breeze, which with its light touch carried the desired coolness.
Then they rinsed, washing away the traces of love and banishing love, a bit weary.
Holding hands, they set off towards the village, agreeing that later in the evening Anton would call in for Rita and help her gather dried hay into haystacks.
Anton was elated with love, passion, discovery of a new world of sexual pleasures for himself, and now all his unspent young potential demanded a way out.
He decided that with Rita he would spend as much time as possible in the village, and then in the city.
Helping his grandmother, his thoughts flew in that ONLY one, which he, he thought, already loved and passionately wanted with all his body and soul.

The evening and the time of the next meeting of young people approached.
Anton came to the site of Rita a little earlier, but still found his girlfriend already collecting hay with her grandmother, Natalia Seraphimova, whom she had met yesterday, bringing Rita.
Anton first stood aside.
Admiring his desired, dressed in a light colorful dressing gown, just above the knees, which fitted a slender girlish body.
For some reason he remembered the collective farmers from the old Soviet films, who “enthusiastically fought for the harvest” just like that, although they were dressed in almost shapeless robes that completely discouraged thoughts about sexuality.
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