caught on camera having sex videos Aha, – the nurse nodded, demonstrating to the doctor a jar filled with yellow liquid.
The doctor handed my aunt a stack of papers.
Thank you, – Jenny smiled and quickly saying goodbye to the doctor and nurse, led me out of the medical office.
After a visit to the clinic, we went to lunch at the nearest McDonalds.

I was hoping that Jenny would order food from the car, but she dragged me inside.
Fortunately, none of the restaurant visitors noticed a diaper under my pants, although a young woman sitting at the next table with a nursing baby in her lap looked at me with a malicious smile.
Upon arrival home, Jenny immediately took off my pants.
The kiddies go home without pants, – my aunt told me with her usual mocking smile.
I was offended and kept silent, realizing that it was useless to argue with her.
Look at the cartoons for now, ”said Jenny, and turning on the TV, she began to carry numerous purchases to my room.
“I was going to turn her into a nursery,” I guessed with resentment.

I didn’t even want to see what my aunt was doing there.
Tommy! – Jenny called me after 40 minutes.
I reluctantly went to my room.
What do you say? – Jenny smiled. – Was the classroom childish? “Absolutely changed everything,” I frowned in disgust, looking around, “I even hung a mobile over the bed.”
The big table by the window, covered with a special oilcloth mat, looked the worst.
Numerous children’s accessories on the table unambiguously hinted that it was designed specifically for changing diapers.
Come here, – Jenny beckoned me with her finger, – Now I will dress you with another T-shirt. shemale dildo webcams
This one is too smart to sleep in.
I dont want to sleep! – I said offended, – Only babies are sleeping during the day! Again, do not listen? – Jenny raised her voice, – Forgot that you are now two years old? Therefore, the regime will be appropriate – including daytime sleep.
The laughter he heard from the street made me turn to the open window.
“I completely removed the blinds,” I said mentally, feeling the blush of shame on my cheeks, “I replaced them with curtains with a children’s drawing: with ships and anchors.”
To my horror, the curtains were completely open and the two girls who stopped in front of Jennin’s house could perfectly watch everything that happens in my bedroom.

“And why do they have such huge windows on the ground floor? – I thought offended, – From floor to ceiling.
What flushed again? Jenny asked, pulling off her jersey.
Seeing how the giggling girls began to whisper, I blushed even more.
The mocking glances of both left no doubt that they were laughing from my diaper.
Are you ashamed of those girls? – Jenny smiled, following my gaze, – Just think, they saw you in a diaper.
Get used to it! You now have to wear them all the time, and I’m not going to hide this fact from anyone.
Jenny waved to the girls standing outside the window, and both, waving a friendly smile, waved back to her.
The one on the left was about 12 years old, and the second looked a couple years older.
Both were somewhat similar.
“Probably sisters,” I thought.
March to bed! – ordered Jenny, finally wearing a new T-shirt, I walked over to the bed and quickly slipped under the covers – if only the girls standing outside the window would not stare at me.

Sweet dreams, Jenny wished me, drawing the curtains closed.
It was a shame that she did it just now.
And forget that there are toilets in this house, ”added Jenny,“ until tomorrow morning you are absolutely forbidden to enter there.
Jenny left, closing the door behind her.
“I don’t slip past her to the toilet,” I thought, when I heard that my aunt had turned on the TV in the living room.
I yawned and turned on my right side, settling myself comfortably in bed.
“At least during sleep, no one will get me,” I chuckled to myself, “With diapers or something else.”
In less than five minutes, I fell asleep.
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