cuteprincesse s bio and free webcam Lenka carefully smeared the bruise under the eye, and her lips were covered with lipstick.
She was spinning in front of a mirror, without even considering it necessary to look back at her husband who had come from work.
Her skirt was even shorter than before.
I bought a bottle, now I will go.

for clothes.
Go, carry a bottle, suck.
You yourself chose this path.
Am I a big fan? Probably, every person is hiding, and a sadist, and a masochist, and a beast, and a murderer, and a thief, and a slug.
All you need is a push, sometimes a very weak one, but more often a strong one.
EVENT is necessary for this hidden part of consciousness to crawl out.
Lenka was not to blame for what happened that autumn night, but then.
Then she could at least try to restrain the beast, to drive him back into the subconscious.
And maybe she tried, but nothing happened? And I did not help.
The one she hoped for was left out.

Now she will meet and go to the neighbor to beg for clothes.
It will carefully suck, and then on his orders invitingly spread on a wide bed.
Or just bend, resting his hands on the table.
Maybe he will get a bruise again and come running naked so that the next day everything will be the same.
Life, oddly enough, lasted.
Lenka’s campaigns to the Bugay Vitka have already become something familiar.
Already and Sveta a couple of times she rolled scandals and expelled naked on the stairs under the approving laughter of her husband.
I washed and cooked dinners.
Vitek, meeting me on the stairs, mockingly smirked and stopped extending his hand.
However, sometimes he condescended to pat him on the shoulder.
Svetka, who, as I thought, dreamed of swapping roles with Lenka, now looked at me like an empty place.
Trade workers are forced to understand people in their own way. hidden camera mature sex videos
The next EVENT happened a month after my dearest spouse was kicked out of work.

All this time she, as women say, “ran” to her neighbor.
But once a friend came to Vitka.
That evening we had a small spark of mutual understanding and rapprochement.
Lenka suddenly said a strange thing.
Vitechka bothered me, – she coquettishly smiled and moved closer.
We sat on the couch in front of the TV.
As the most common couple.
Or maybe nothing really terrible happened, I thought.
All women sometimes have hobbies.
Only others hide, but mine does not.
Is it bad? She is sincere, my girl.
Well, it has, well, okay.
This is quite possible to get used to.
Tired of it? – I asked for loyalty.
Yes he.
not so cruel.
I was slightly taken aback.
Although, by that time, I already understood that Lenkina nature requires violence and cruelty.
I, unfortunately, could not give her either one or the other.
Lena, – I could not find the words right away, – did you not need cruelty before? This is after.

that night? I have always dreamed of rape, ”Lenka said calmly,“ since childhood.
Of course, the reality turned out to be rougher.
Do you know how I lost my virginity? Three drunk guys raped me.
Probably, I subconsciously wanted this and went to the basement with them myself.
It hurt and.
perfectly! But sometimes you want the usual sex – what was we with you.
Do you remember? She hugged my neck, and I felt the elastic balls of the breasts, and even hardened nipples.
Turning awkwardly, he reached for her lips, but Lenka dodged, burying my shoulder.
Do not want to kiss? She did love.
I remembered: “I will give the clothes away if I suck well”.
Maybe Lenka thinks her lips are defiled? Or afraid that I think so? She probably sucked well – Vitek gave his clothes, though not all at once, but in parts: today panties, tomorrow a bra.
And for every thing she had to give him, to fulfill all the whims, “well suck.”
However, she, as I now understood, was not against such an attitude.

Sudden arousal pounded in his temples.
I was clutching my wife in my arms – repeatedly banged by a rude-neighbor, humiliated, battered and desiring sex with me.
Between the legs she is probably wet.
She is waiting.
She want.
We will lie down in bed, and she will, as before, with her palms on my buttocks, set the desired pace.
I ran my hand under the robe, and my fingers sank in her hot folds.
She, my defiled girl, really was all wet in anticipation of invasion and fullness.
She languished, squeezing and unclenching her hips, tightly clasping my neck, and her feet – wet palm.
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