double overhead webcam She was approached with some questions and teachers.
– ————————————————- ———————————- The apartment she liked, no amenities, of course, but Kolya promised to do a bathroom in a year with a bathtub, and they took water from a well drilled near the house and it was brought into the house.
It was getting better with them and at times the husband was already starting to talk about the children, which would be nice to have a son and a daughter in the house.
Before that, Inga protected herself by swallowing pills, but said that when comfort appeared in the house, she would not accept them any more than Nicholas was pleased and he swore to promise to do everything during the coming summer.

Under the whole house there was a basement of two meters in height and divided into two halves by a wall of brick thickness, but with a large opening for ventilation.

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In general, from one apartment to another, you could easily get there.
This, however, no one used and used the basement for its intended purpose, for storing vegetables and various pickles and preserves, brews and moonshine, sometimes.
In the next apartment there lived a family with two female children, girls of ten and thirteen years old.
The parents themselves were about ten years older than Inga and Nikolai, the husband was called Alexey, and his wife Nina.
Aleksey loved, sometimes, especially on weekends, to attach, having fun, pretty noisy, but he was not a drunkard, so there were no conflicts.
Nina was a beautiful blonde, like Inga, talkative and benevolent. webcam solo girl with dildo With Inga, they became friends and sometimes went to each other to talk and just to unburden themselves.

The men, too, greeted each other, exchanged jokes, meeting, and sometimes drank together.
Alexey supported Nikolai and by July they had already dug up and laid out the cesspool of the cesspool into two apartments and brought the sewage pipes from it to the house.
The matter remained for a few, to isolate in the apartments space for bathrooms, install bathtubs, sinks and toilet bowls and water heaters-titans, or water heaters powered by electricity.
They fenced off the places for baths and toilet bowls, and money was needed for the rest, but a chance helped.
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