elosbeauty webcam teen video She bent her legs a little, she parted my buttocks, and felt how much she smeared with vaseline a ring of my anus.
Highly raising the buttock, Ira put the tip to the anus, I slightly moved my right leg forward and the long tip disappeared into my ass.
She slightly pushed them from side to side to tickle the internal genitals through the intestines, and then took my knees and ass and turned me on my back.
I lay with my legs bent, starting to get excited.

She ran her hand over her stomach, touching the pubic hair, and opened the faucet.

Cool liquid began to fill my intestines.
“Don’t worry, relax,” said Ira, and began to massage the belly, moving between the navel and my cock, which clearly betrayed my arousal. ashley webcam girl
Ira casually touched him and rubbed him a little, and the tip moved back and forth.
Soon, I noticeably relaxed, as the solution came in, my stomach was noticeably rounded, and Ira watched without tearing as I wriggled on the floor with a red rubber hose, disappearing in the ass.
Soon there was no strength to endure, I made a weak moan: – Ira, I can not stand it now!

She closed the tap and looked at the mug.
About a third of the prepared solution remained there.
– At first it will be difficult.
The rest will come easier, said Ira.
– Breathe deeply through your mouth and I will continue.
I breathed noisily in my mouth, and she opened the tap again.
When the circle was almost empty, Ira stopped the flow, turned me to the right side and carefully removed the tip from the ass.
At the same time from the anus spray trickle solution.
Admiring at me, lying with a swollen belly, she took out a camera and took a couple of photos for memory.
Then squeezed the buttocks with one hand, and the other began to massage the stomach.
It lasted about five minutes.
elosbeauty webcam teen video