gerberka bongacams I opened my mouth and began to suck and lick the cork.
– Enough, whore.
Substitute your ass and go clean.
I almost did not notice the friction in the priest, crawling on all fours on the floor and washing over the floors, I had the thinnest cork in me.

But I did not relax, remembering the promise to still recoup me.
Dmitry Alekseevich did not throw words at the wind.
Periodically, he kicked me in the anus with his foot and pointed to the places not cleaned well enough.
So I cleaned for almost an hour, and all this time he just drank brandy, followed me and poked me with his foot in the ass.
Suddenly he said that he was tired of watching me crawling around with a rag, and he wanted to drink with me.
This was an unexpected offer.
Everything became clear when YES pointed to the chair with his hand, inviting him to sit down.

On a chair on a sucker was stuck a thick cock.
YES allowed me to lick him as much as I want to wet the entrance to my ass and sit down. dirty webcam tube
Fair? I couldn’t sit on him (too big, too painful).
YES angry, pulled the belt out of his pants and began to whip me.
– Relax ass, whore, and sit down! I’ll beat you until you do what I told you.
I didn’t understand how I was in pain, from a member of a millimeter that fit in my ass or from his blows, but at some point I felt that the member had entered me, and I was really sitting on it.
He stopped: – Fuck, just pissed me off! Point working, and builds himself hymen.
I barely tolerated this pain, tears rolled down my cheeks, but I was silent.
He stroked my cheek.
– Okay, bitch, get off caressing daddy.
I gently got off the penis and knelt with tenderness, took the head in her mouth, licked it and swallowed at full length.

I know YES loves when a member enters the throat.
So I sucked for 5 minutes, sometimes interrupted, to take a breath of air.
Then he finished my throat.
He rubbed a member of my face and said: – Get ready, whore.
Go heal ass, who needs such a hole? And he went into another room.
I knew what to do next.
Dressed in the room where she left her clothes and left, slamming the door.
He always transfers money to the card, today more money has fallen into the account, for my labors.
I didn’t remember how I got home, I only remember that it was very painful to sit and flow, flowed and wanted, he didn’t let me finish.
gerberka bongacams