hidden camera mature sex videos Nastya constantly reproached me with insolvency.
In the past, a hairdresser, she was out of work after the birth of children.
Although, frankly, she was not very eager to get back to the salon again.
I took care of all my earnings, I must admit that incomes were minimal.

I got up early that week already.
There was a hack work in the firm’s workshop.
And now, in the fresh morning I was heading for money.
At the exit of the courtyard, a companion was waiting for me on his newly purchased but old Ford.
Here on this “monster” we were to travel to another city.
Vitaly stood by the car with a dejected look.
– Strong oil flows, I saw only in the morning.
With these words he nodded toward the engine of the car.
A dark stain clearly appeared beneath him.
We decided to go to the station near my house.
The car lifted on the lift represented a clot of metal richly oiled like a frying pan after frying, with the only difference being that the fat had the appearance of melted asphalt.
“You can walk for two hours.”
Sadly probubel master pointing to the engine crankcase, where there was a crack with a cleavage.
– Come to me, wait.

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I offered Acne.
– No, I then run to my sister, lend money.
With these words, he headed to the bus stop.
There was a twofold feeling when I returned home.
On the one hand, it’s a pity that the plans were a little off, and on the other hand, now I’ll fall under my wife’s side, my daughter is already at school.
Approaching the courtyard clearly heard: Tolya, stand.
Tolya, wait! But it’s like somewhere far away.
Not really.
It looked like it.
The elevator rattled the door open.
The key did not turn in the lock.
So the door on the latch.
We’ll have to call and wake up Nastya.
What is there! Put an eye to the bulging glass of the peephole.
There is clearly some kind of movement.
The light in the eye flashes.
There is movement.
Nastya opened the door straightening her hair.
– What are you back? What happened? Questions like on the machine.
I was already wary about the hall.
Shoes, pants.
– Maybe you immediately go to school for your daughter? She nervously straightened her hair.
– Why is that?

A few more hours of classes.
The voice is trembling.
My movements have become sharper.
Damn, what am I going crazy? – I’m not alone.
Yes, I already understood this girl, understood! I move her back, moving to the bedroom, looking around the kitchen.
A pair of cigarette butts smokes in the ashtray.
Cognac, two glasses.
Trying to open the bedroom door.
Locked from the inside.
I pull the handle, more, more.
– Who’s there? Who!!! I feel, I start to boil, as once in the army, during fights.
Trushes all.
She stands in front of me in colorful, tight leggings.
Yellow jersey no less tightly fits the chest.
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