how to open my webcam We should also squeeze the pants, but he did not want to embarrass Natasha.
He unwittingly listened to the rustling behind his back.
And not holding back, turned around.
In one short moment, he managed to cover her entire charming figure with balls of chilly crouching breasts and beautiful thighs.

Vitka was doused by a hot wave of excitement.
Do not look.
It hurts, – grumbled Vitka.
– You come on, move.
And then you catch another sheet.
The breeze is cool.
And you’re wet.
Victor, do not be shy, also change your clothes.
He threw off his pants and, looking at the girl standing with his back, quickly took off his pants, began to squeeze them.
She turned around and, seeing naked Vitka, screamed in surprise.
He, too, involuntarily turned on her cry, and Natasha saw his naked body in all its glory.
Heck! Vitka reddened embarrassed and turned away sharply.
Wet underpants either didn’t want to fit on a wet body, stuck to the skin.

Angry and cursing, he dressed somehow and walked over to Natasha, who was standing at a distance.
I’m dressed.
You can turn around.
She turned to him.
Victor, do you live alone? One.
Why? Not.
He understood why she asked about it.
Now she found out that they would have to sleep together.
How is she interested in this? His house stood on the outskirts of the village.
He left the garden to the river, so they did not have to walk down the street.
Only a neighbor, half in her garden, straightened over the garden and, putting a visor palm, looked at them. how to open my webcam
Recognizing Vitka, she kindly waved to him.
Here you go.
Call now.
In five minutes everyone will know that I am back, ”he grumbled discontentedly.
He wanted to know about his arrival in the village as soon as possible.
He hoped to be alone with Natasha.
This is bad? Of course not.
Do not pay attention.
I wanted to show up tomorrow.
Today? Today you are my guest.

She looked at him and blushed embarrassedly.
She kept flashing since he said that he lives alone.
Apparently she was worried about some thoughts.
Vitka imagined what she was thinking.
It worried him.
Unlocking the door, he entered the house and, from his well-groomed, residential look, he realized that women cleaned it regularly.
You are clean.
Well, – said Natasha, surprised by the cleanliness.
These are our women, – Victor explained.
– Hoping that I will return.
So you are respected here.
Do you want to eat? Very, – she admitted.
– I had to get up early to catch a bus.
Turn on the stove, and I go to a neighbor.
I will ask her for eggs, lard and bread.
Fry the scrambled eggs.
He turned in a minute.
Anna gave him a big cup of eggs, a piece of salted bacon and a loaf of homemade bread.
She intended to shove another pot of soup, but Vitka refused.
How would he drag him? While Natasha was fried eggs, he slashed into the cellar and dug up a hidden bottle of moonshine in the corner.

The girl needs to warm up.
Not! Not! I will not! This is such a disgusting thing! – Natasha protested, when he poured her half a cup of the strongest and purest of tears of moonshine.
Drink up.
And then forcibly willed.
You need to warm up from the inside.
I don’t want you to get sick.
Oh please.
Don’t make me drink.
I can not.
I’m going to be sick.
Have to.
I will not! He took the mug and, approaching her, clasped his hand around his neck, lifting her head.
Natasha tried to protest, but did not have time.
Vitka thrust a cup into her open mouth and poured a good portion of moonshine.
She unwittingly swallowed and coughed, wide-eyed at him.
Leaning close to her, Vitka eagerly pressed against her pink open lips, and Natasha choked on his kiss.
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