https rt bongacams com couples He got up and wandered like a stray dog ??wandered off, going nowhere.
Masha quickly went in the direction of her father, but suddenly stopped on the floor of the road, looking after the departing father.
Her body shuddered with sobs and trembling in her body.
He left, she looked after him and did not know what to do.

In her memory, scraps flew that distant childhood! In the memory vaguely remained scraps from that life.
I only remembered how my father sat her on his shoulders and ran, bouncing, thereby portraying a galloping horse.
Mashka burst into laughter and screamed.
Nooooo, go horse! Father left a couple of steps to the corner and that’s it.
Masha’s legs gave way, she squatted and cried, crying: paaaaapaaaa, stooooyyyy: do not leave: and already hoarsely, quietly, as if telling myself, do not go dad! Dear readers.
I will not tell the meeting of the father with Masha! There were many tears, there was also joy that Masha has her own father! The whole street learned about how, after eleven years, the daughter met her father.

That Nikolai, Masha’s father quit drinking and that now he lives only for his little daughter.
The guys from my street envied me that I had such a glue, beautiful girl.
But no one knew that my Masha and I had never even kissed.
So, not once! Just walked, walked, holding hands.
This was enough for us to feel that we need each other! Masha visited her father every day! Uncle Kolya always greeted me joyfully and called me a son in law.
I liked when he called me that, at that moment I felt like a little bit of their Machine and Uncle Kolya of life.
Today Masha did not come to see me !? Not come tomorrow! Uncle Kolya and I did not find a place for ourselves.
Uncle Nick has repeatedly tried to go to her house and find out what’s wrong with Masha.
Only my efforts prevented him from doing this. live wap cam sex
Having done this, he would once again go to jail! Whereas Masha, for all these days that she saw her father, could not believe her happiness that she had again, her own father: Who loves her most in life!

Three days passed before Masha did not come to see me and did not visit her father! My attempts to get past the concierge gave nothing.
I trudged home in utter despondency.
Son! I looked up and saw my mother agitated! My son, my mother began to tell me confusedly.
Your girl, Masha, has come to us, her clothes are all torn.
She is sitting with us now, I gave her tea to drink, gave you your old jeans, and there also something from my clothes.
And she ran to look for you.
What to do, and Vova? But I have not heard the mother! I flew into the apartment, Masha sat on a chair and hung her head, picking something with a teaspoon on the table.
In the apartment we had was poor, some kind of old furniture, an old, antediluvian TV, and, funny, big in the middle of the room, my mother’s favorite Ficus.
Masha began to cry, buried in my chest, gave vent to her tears.
She told everything that happened to her! Stepfather found out that she was walking with a guy, and even with a poor family, wildly and brutally beat her.

Tearing on her all the clothes that were on her and this her mother pretended to be.
Masha was locked up, deprived of all clothes, the phone was disconnected.
Three days of tears, three days Masha prayed to God to help get out of captivity! And so.
My stepfather and her mother got together somewhere and her mother forgot the keys on the phone shelf.
Stepfather closed the door with his key, and they left.
Masha wore the only clothes that they didn’t hide from her, as they were simply torn from her.
opened the door and in this rash she ran across the city.
She didn’t give a damn about being looked at.
She hurried to where she was understood, loved and expected! We had to take Masha somewhere, A little more, and the cops might come in search of Masha.
After all, her stepfather did everything to find out where his stepdaughter is running! Masha, and about the father, they know something, I asked? No, what are you, I’m not talking about dad! I know how it would end for him!

Then go to him, there surely no one will find us! Mom with lament accompanied us.
Vova, son, what will happen next? Mom, I do not know what will happen, but I will not abandon Masha, and already whisper mum in my ear.
Mom, I love her! With god, son, God bless you, my mother already told me with a smile! My father was really excited! Fear for his daughter did not give him peace.
said father! Leave
Vovka, you are my darling, don’t leave Masha, because these bitches will break her life.
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