live webcam por “I am for it!” Alenka exclaimed in a cheerful and somehow childish way.
So decided.

Everything turned out spontaneously.

My wife and I have never even discussed the topic of group sex.
Yes, and I was sure that she just would not understand me.
Somehow, for no reason, one of our old acquaintances came to us.
He had two more friends with him.
We saw them for the first time, but we were always glad to see guests.
So they were happy for the upcoming feast.
They were great at the spicy and appetizer.
My wife quickly laid the table and we began to drink.
Quickly enough everyone got drunk and began to dance.
Nothing unusual happened. best free sex cams
After another glass, I felt drunk enough and began to dream of falling into bed and sleeping.
Having said this to his wife, she categorically began to revive.
I gave up, stopped drinking and began to dance more in order to recover a little.
Even went to wash.
I stayed in the bath for about five minutes.
But when I came back, I saw the following picture: my beloved danced in the circle of these men IN ONE BARS AND A BRAZE.
She wriggled in front of them and each of them, as it were, gently touched her breasts and ass.
Our friend saw me, winked, and fell in behind her.
He began to squeeze her breasts and she only with silly eyes smiled stupidly.
It seemed to me that she did not even understand what was happening.
One of his hands slid down and disappeared under her pants.
I didn’t even know how to react.
I don’t know why, but I stood rooted to the spot and watched them.
She tried not to look me in the eye. live webcam por