matilda bongacams And I got on all fours right beside Svetlana’s chair and stuck out my ass right under her arm with a belt.
And she, kicking the head of her husband with her vagina, made us masturbate and became.
methodically smack me.
It was felt that Sveta was really excited, so her voice broke from time to time when she accompanied me with a whipping and guided me on the right path: – What are you fucking looking at other people’s wives? What have you got fucked by me? Are not you ashamed to cheat your whore Katya? Answer me! – I am ashamed.

– Remember, you have no right to stare at other people’s skirts! You have one right – to adore your wife, to fulfill all her whims, to clean the house, when she will have fun with her lovers.
She is not a housewife, she carries the proud title of a married whore, so she should not be distracted by all sorts of nonsense, such as cleaning, washing, ironing, cooking.
You should do it! This is your duty! Understood me? – Yes, I understand.
– The family bed no longer belongs to you – this is your wife’s bed, and she is the owner there!

She will have sex with her lovers there, will sleep with them. matilda bongacams
And if there are no lovers, then this does not mean that you can go back to bed: you will lie there only if your wife allows you.
It will be a rare and generous gift for you: why does Kate sleep with you if she has lots of lovers? – Yes, no need.
I will sleep in another room.
Where she will say.
– That’s right, you say: if you say sleep in the legs, then you will sleep in the legs; will say on the floor, you will be on the floor! – Where they say, there I will lie down.
“Now you will buy vouchers for resorts to your wife and her lover.”
And if they agree to take you with you, then you will settle in the next room.
You have no right to interfere with their rest: your wife deserves a good rest and real sex! – Yes, I will not disturb them if they take me with them.
– Your wife is too beautiful for you! Her body, her beauty – belong to her lovers.
You yourself must beg her not to think about you, to have fun with men when she wanted and where she wanted.

The main pleasure for you is her enjoyment, her hobbies, her love, her passion.
And every day you will talk to her about it, on her knees you will thank her for her adultery, for the happiness that she gives you.
After all, now for Katy and her lovers you are number six, and you have no rights.
You’re just a cuckold husband, a slave to your wife’s lust! – Yes, I am nobody, I completely submit to my wife.
I want to be her slave.
– That’s it, a slave! And Katya is for you – madam, goddess! You will worship her legs, you will pray on her cunt! Her urine will be your holy nectar, and the sperm in her hole – your favorite delicacy.
matilda bongacams