mature lingerie webcam Periodically, she only lightly stroked her palm over the bare leg.
The sight of her legs is the only thing that she “treated” me for the night.
“Come, I will make you a bed” – Lena invited me into the hall.
She really was going to put me in another room.

Lena dismantled the sofa, wished me good night, and closed the door behind her.
I stripped down to my underwear, and crawled under the covers.
I did not immediately fall asleep.
Mentally, episodes of the past evening surfaced in front of me.
Here she is sitting in one T-shirt, and squats, parading his pussy.
We drink wine, talk, I look at her bare crack.
So I enter the room, and she continues to masturbate with me.
Invites to join.
Finally, comes to oral sex.
I cum in her mouth, she swallows my cum.
Then I lick her pussy.
And in the end – she almost took me home.
And now we sleep in different rooms.
Thoughts gradually passed into a state of slumber.
I woke up when someone pulled off my blanket.
Hearing the now familiar voice of “Get up, let’s go drink coffee,” I opened my eyes.

It was already light.
Lenka stood in front of me. office spy cam sex
She was wearing one long colorful men’s shirt, buttoned just two buttons, this shirt, obviously, usually played the role of a dressing gown.
I slowly stretched.
“Come on, stand up, sluggard” – she leaned toward me and began to shake my shoulder.
At the same time, one of her breasts almost completely fell out from under the piled floor of her shirt.
I reluctantly got up and proceeded to the bathroom.
Hastily washed, I got out of the bath, and just as I was, in shorts, I went into the kitchen.
Lenka was already going to meet me with two cups of coffee in both hands.
During her walk, when she was pushing her left leg forward, a narrow strip of thin black hair on her pubic was clearly peeking out from under her semi-fastened shirt.
She invited me to drink coffee in the room.
“Let’s go to the room better! I’ll get ready for now, otherwise I have to go soon.
And while you get dressed! “.
I was overwhelmed by ambiguous feelings, some doubts.
Lenka is definitely a cool girl.

Recall only that we got up with her yesterday! She invited me all the same to stay for the night, not wanting to let go to the house late at night.
At the same time, she immediately somehow cooled down to me.
We slept in different rooms.
Now she behaves very unceremoniously, although it is clear she is rushing to the institute.
I already knew that Lena was a very diligent student.
But I definitely liked her, even superficially, even more than I liked.
Her long dark hair, sweet face, charming smile.
I sat in the chair already dressed and finished my second cup of coffee while eating cookies.
Lena put her empty cup on the table and went to the wardrobe.
“Drink for now.
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