nude girl webcam video hd I must note that the team of our department of nine people consisted almost entirely of women.
All of them were ladies of solid age, having adult children, and some even grandchildren.
In addition to me, at that time, a twenty-seven-year-old young man, there was another man in the department – a pre-retirement age grandfather, who stays in relative silence and peace of mind for a year and a half until he deserved rest.
I mean business relationships.

She listened attentively to everything I told her about our work, diligently and diligently carried out all the tasks and assignments I had given.
Our tables stood side by side, and in moments of respite we drank coffee with her, talking on abstract topics.
So I learned that after graduation they came from the capital to her hometown, that she has a young man here with whom she has been dating for two years.
And although he does not call her in marriage, and together they do not live, she is generally happy in her personal life.

Once, it was at the end of July, when until the end of the working day something remained for about forty minutes, we sat at our desks and worked, being completely immersed in our worries.
Inna, at my request, completed the development of the project, and I wrote a report.
Things were urgent and impatient — the end of the month, after all.
The rest of the staff began to gather a little, lay out the papers, turn off the computers and more often looked out the window, waiting for the bus that would take everyone home.
And I already saw that in no more than forty minutes I would not have time to finish the report, I had to hand it over tomorrow, and the work was at least an hour and a half.
Staying at work meant that the bus would leave without me, and I would not get home today. young cam porn
But business is business, therefore I have made the decision to stay at work, and to spend the night in a hotel is inexpensive and comfortable, which was located next to our office.

The matter was simplified by the fact that his wife and son left for the week to the mother-in-law in the village, which means no one would ask me why I did not come along with everyone.
At that moment, the phone rang on Inna’s desk.
Having literally said a few words (“yes, well, I’m coming”), she got up from the table, pulled her skirt up and smiled and said to me: “She calls me to the carpet,“ Good luck, ”I answered her, also smiling, continuing to knock on keyboard.
Inna walked to the door of the office, and knocked, entered.
She was not long enough.
When the employees saw the bus, they happily threw everything away and ran straight to take their seats, but Inna did not have everything.
Finally she left the office of the boss.
A confusion was written on her pale face, some kind of silent despair, and a flinging look seemed to be looking for support.
She sat down at her desk and silently stared at one point.

The boss came out of the office and, after saying goodbye to us, she also hurried to the bus.
The front door slammed and silence fell.
I looked at Inna in bewilderment, and she clapped her long eyelashes, looking ahead.
– What’s the matter? – I broke the silence.
She looked at me, then somewhere to the side, and suddenly tears flowed from her eyes.
– Yes, what happened? I asked again.
And then it burst.
Trying to hold back tears, choking on resentment that overwhelmed her, Inna began to tell me that the boss accused her of having today, during the lunch break, when neither the boss nor the staff in the office had been in office, rummaged in her papers, browsed through email.
She did not show any evidence, but since the papers turned out to be ragged, and none of the employees had ever allowed herself anything like that, Inna fell as suspicion as new.
I was one hundred percent sure that Inna was not involved in this — I sat through the entire dinner at the table, did not go anywhere, and certainly would have noticed if she entered the office of the boss.

I began to console Inna, to say that all this is nonsense, that tomorrow I will talk to my boss and explain everything.
She gradually began to calm down, but from her sobs, I understood that the undeserved accusations and offenses continue to torment her.
So I resolutely turned off the computer, got up from the table, walked over to her and said: “Okay, the morning is wiser than the evening.”
Tomorrow we will solve everything and finish it.
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