nude neve campbell I didn’t keep waiting for her and finished her caresses, leaving translucent drops of mucus on her tongue.
Lena pulled away from me, got up, turned to the men and said.
– Let’s play an interesting game, dear men.
Angela and I will be ready to fulfill any of your whims, but it should not be sex with a man in any of its manifestations.

You will only give us orders, and we will execute them.
As a reward for waiting you get us.
The guys came to life, I was also very interested and got the idea of ??Lena, I said.
-OK, if everyone agrees, let’s start, Seryozha, you are the first.
-So, I want you to sit across from us, take each vibrator and start masturbating your pussies. nude neve campbell
Lena and I went to the cherished bag and began to choose a weapon to start the game.
Lena this time took a vibrator for more, and I grabbed the one that Lena had practiced before.
We sat down in front of the audience, spread our legs wide apart, looked at each other and with smiles on our faces began our action.
At first I moved the vibrator to the clitoris, heated up a little and put it inside.
Lena slowly, but immediately inserted a vibrator into her vagina, ready to swallow the “hippopotamus.”
We started to beat our pussies at the same time.
All the men took out their members and began to masturbate them looking at us.
The picture loomed hoarse – two women fucked themselves with vibrators, looking at the jerking men.
At about the same time, Lena and I started moaning from a rolling orgasm, my pussy was already thoroughly moistened and began to sap. nude neve campbell