online webcam girls “Fuck you,” I muttered in despair.
– So we will not talk, – said Olya.
– You have been offered a choice.
And so, we keep the record for ourselves and you do everything we tell you? Or school and the Internet? Choose

I looked at them.
They looked at me with a look of winners.
“Yes, do whatever you want,” I growled.
– This is not an answer, – Olga shook her head.
– You have to choose.
You have a minute.
Or until it expires, you will kneel before us and put your hands behind your back.
It means agree.
Or refuse.
Then we’ll have a little more fun with you, finish spanking, see if we think of something else.
Then give up the clothes and let go.
But then get ready for big surprises.
The girls stared at me expectantly.
I looked at them frowningly.
Inside me everything was boiling, but it was impossible to do anything.
There was really no choice.
“Forty seconds have passed,” said Olya, glancing at her watch.
I sighed heavily, got off the couch, knelt down and put my hands behind my back.

The girls triumphantly smiled.
Oksana pointed the camera at me and started shooting.
“Tell me you are our slave,” Olya demanded.
“I am your slave,” I replied.
Understanding the hopelessness of my position, not wanting to show fear, and in order not to give the girls more mockery, forcing me to repeat, I deliberately said everything loudly and clearly.
It seems that this did not escape Oli.
“Well, if so, then you will open it to our guests,” she said maliciously. “What guests?” – I turned cold. hidden camera fucking porno
– Which we invite, – said Oksana.
She picked up a mobile phone, dialed the number and threw it at him: “It’s me.”
You can approach, the client has matured.
– Then she turned back to me.
– You will open naked and you will carry out all our and their orders.
For now, here’s what.
We want tea.
Come, you will serve us.
She turned off and put the camera down.
In obedience to the orders of the girls, I went into the kitchen with them and began to brew tea.

Then he poured it into cups of girls seated at the table.
Served cake from the fridge.
All is calm, with dignity.
Do not even try to hide behind.
The girls wanted to enjoy my shame and enjoy my embarrassment, it was clear.
Well, I will not give them that.
It seems, Olya understood my game.
Frowning, she ordered me to kneel in the middle of the kitchen and put my hands behind my back.
Please, I did it.
True to the eyes of the girls did not manage to look, he looked away.
And the girls looked at me arrogantly, haughtily, sipping gulls and grinning.
Ugh, disgusting.
Another thought that they were waiting for such guests.
Surely also the girls.
Well, okay, let’s survive.
This troubles one answer.
And yet the doorbell rang out (two long, one short, for sure stipulated) made my heart flutter.
Here it is! Now a new shame.
If only to withstand.
– What is frozen, go, open it, – cried Oksana.
I calmly got up and walked to the door.

The coming girls probably know what awaits them and think that I will be embarrassed and hide.
Nothing, I’ll show that I’m not at all embarrassed, and I myself will enjoy it.
I opened the lock and opened the door.
As I expected, two girls stood in front of me: one of Oksana’s age, a tall brunette with long black hair and insolent eyes, and the second of seven, very similar to the first.
Sister, I guess.
Both had a malevolent smile on their lips.
We knew for sure, the stinkers, where we were going.
– Something you long, – I said, letting them into the apartment and closing the door.
– We were waiting for you.
The elder’s face showed astonishment, the younger one was embarrassed.
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