pingvinchik webcam sex video When the process of measurement and control ended, it was announced that the participant under the unlucky number 13 is removed from the competition for the use of drugs that stimulate sexual function.
Thus, there were 26 guys eager to fight for first place.
We were invited and led to a large bright room, brightly lit with searchlights and equipped with several video cameras, designed to resolve later any organizational disputes or disagreements in a strict jury awarding prizes and awards.
On a long rack along the wall were stands with test tubes – three for each participant with a label strictly corresponding to the serial number on the list.

There were several seats on the dais, on which were sitting “technical experts”, called to observe the execution of instructions during the championship. young teen huge tits webcam

Now, finally, the decisive test rules were announced, according to which the most enduring winner was determined.
On an audible signal announcing the starting point of the control time, applicants should immediately begin to masturbate in order to extract the maximum amount of sperm accumulated over three days into the tube.

And there should be at least three ejaculations in a short period of time – within an hour, but not a second more.
When masturbating, you can only use your own hands and any foreign objects such as pencils, tubes, bottles, etc are strictly prohibited.
Neighborhood assistance is also prohibited, as is semen transfusion in order to attempt to push a comrade forward – if it is not destined to win.
Say this is not for the faint of heart – when thirty good fellows at the same time, tain their big members with their own hands helping themselves with their fingers in the anus who are taking fancy poses to facilitate sperm excretion!
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