pornstar cam girls The girls, bent over the desk with bare backs, held hands in horror.
The teacher approached them, straightened his skirts and examined spanked backs.
– When you are allowed to go home, you have to go home, and not turn in an empty school! Is it clear to you? “Yes, yes, it is clear,” the girls spanked in an effort to chastise each other.
– We will not, we.

– And so that it will be remembered, here is a reminder for you! And the rod fell on Holguin ass.
The girl screamed, and Marina immediately screamed after her, which got the next blow.
The teacher, apparently, himself already hurried home.
So he did not stretch the punishment.
For a couple of minutes, he burned the girls with a rod, five beats for each ass.
Bill, of course, was not at full strength, but it was enough for the spanked buttocks.

The teacher raised the sobbing girls and examined the carved butts.
Then he said sternly: “Now you will quickly run straight to the exit.” sexy webcam show
You will run with your skirts raised, panties lowered, you will pull the panties just in front of the exit door.
I close the office and follow you.
Hold on – get supplements! March! The girls spanked and hewn, pushing each other, rushed out.
They knew well that any instruction from the teacher must be accurately fulfilled, otherwise they would be punished.
Jumping out of class, the girls ran along a long corridor.
Skirts they kept up.
Their panties were lowered to the hips, so it was uncomfortable to run, but it was possible.
The teacher left the class and looked at how red popochki were removed from him.
Then he returned to the class for his portfolio.

The entrance door to the school was at the end of a short corridor, which moved away from the long one at a right angle.
Olya ran ahead, Marina was a little behind, trying not to tear her lace panties.
During the run, Marina had a clear view of her friend’s red ass, on which the lines from the rod were clearly visible.
“Now we turn, – Marina thought, it will be possible to pull the pants – the teacher does not see.
And run faster.
“Running to the corner, the girls turned right.
And immediately stumbled upon the school guard Uncle Vasya, who slowly walked around the empty corridors.
– What are you doing here at this time?
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