real gay webcam I hope I tortured you in a good way? Oh yeah.
Okay, I will wait for the evening and even then I will get sweet.
“Hmmm, it didn’t cost me anything.
Okay, at least let it start from the bottom to gradually break up, otherwise it will blow it away.

First cosmetics, then underwear, then fashionable clothes, and then nightlife, magazines, covers, ”thought Igor.
Early the next day, Igor delivered Tanya to the office of this cosmetics company.
There, she spent the whole day with her professional makeup artists, stylists, several times to make up cosmetics, washed, re-imposed.
For the whole day, she was tired like never in her life and, tired, somehow getting to her house, immediately fell asleep.
In the morning there should be another photo session.
She was busy all week.
It was pleasant, although it was very tiring for her.
Vitya called several times, they talked for a long time and shared the news.
Igor also insisted on meeting a couple of times, but Tanya was too busy.
Finally, one day she was free and decided to meet with Igor to appease him, and she herself had already yearned for the male body and caress.
Within a few days, they met a couple more times.
Then Tanya received a contract from one clothing company, as arranged by Igor, and received an invitation to go to Moscow, where a fashion show of world famous clothing brands will be held.

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Tanya happily jumped at the idea and shortly before her birthday went to Moscow.
There were a few other girls besides her.
They were accommodated in two separate apartments, not far from the center in good spacious apartments.
Tanya got a girl in the neighbor named Nick.
She was also tall, almost from Tanya, with short, shoulder-length straight platinum hair.
Deep blue eyes, full sweet lips and a thin long nose, were sitting on his dark, sharp face.
As for the shape, it was standard for the model.
They did not make friends, but immediately found a common language.
They had to live in the same apartment for almost two weeks, rehearsing and preparing for the show.
At the first rehearsal she was told that she was too tight, she needed to relax and be herself.
It is easy to say, because this was the first performance in her life.
But these words lay deep in her soul.
The next day, Tanya became ill at the rehearsal, she was too worried, and therefore she was released early from the rehearsal.
Arriving home, she took a shower and began to look for sedatives.
She rummaged in the closet, when she suddenly dropped a box from Nikina’s things from the shelf.
At first she, it was, wanted to put this box in place, but it was open, and curiosity took its toll.

To her great amazement, Tanya extracted an artificial male member from there.
He was not just artificial, but almost the most real.
Soft and pleasant to the touch, very long, twenty centimeters, not less, with swollen veins, ideally cut head and testicles.
Tanya found instructions at the bottom of the box and read it.
She said that the penis can be inflated and blown at its discretion, pumping air by pressing on the testicles, and air through the valve on them.
If you wish, you can add any liquid, water, milk, alcohol to your penis, so that you can simulate the penis ejaculation during masturbation.
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