sex caught on camera india The woman got out of bed, turned on the bedside lamp, and went to her daughter’s crib – Oleska wants to eat? – in a whisper, so as not to wake her husband, asked Irina.
She got her daughter out of the crib, bared her left breast and gave it to Olesya.
Daughter began to suck milk.
Irina was 39 years old.

Beautiful tall woman.

Of course, not what was in his youth.
Slim thin waist, high breasts of the third size.
Extra kilos came, breasts increased to size 4 and fell long ago.
Irina gave birth to her first daughter 19 years ago.
Then, she fed Olga only 2 months.
Milk was not enough and it quickly disappeared.
Now, after the second birth, there was a lot of milk, a lot.
Two-month Oleska did not drink so much.
Irina was tired to decant the remains.
Her husband, Igor, even bought her an electric breast pump. sex caught on camera india
– You have a straight cash cow – he laughed – you can carry milk straight for sale.
Olesya ate and fell asleep again. Pantyhose big ass webcam. Irina put her daughter in a cot.
I looked at the clock.
6 a.m.
Something early woke up Oleska.

Usually not before 8.
For some reason I didn’t want to sleep anymore.
It was necessary to decant the milk residues.
The woman sat on the bed.
Next on the bedside table was a breast pump.
If you turn on, the engine noise may wake her husband.
Let him sleep for another hour – thought Irina.
Taking the device in hand, the woman went to the kitchen.
Turned on the light, put the device on the table.
It is necessary while the husband brewed coffee – thought Irina.
Turned on the coffee maker.
Then she sat down at the table, bared her breasts, put funnels on her nipples and turned on the breast pump.
The car has earned.
The woman picked up the magazine.
She had long been accustomed to this procedure and did not pay attention to her.
There were steps.
Irina turned off the device, removed the funnel from her nipples and pulled off her robe.
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