skype does not detect webcam Golden rain is not only golden, and this is not entirely a perversion, but it is a separate topic.
My story is not based on crazy fuck, but on love, on the emotions of insight and the satisfaction of a married couple.
And if they did it not on the floor but in the bath, as many people like to do, it would not look hot in a sexy way.
Bath is too ordinary, it does not give the effect of sharpness.

The meaning of the story is not just in urination and gas outlet, but in the fact that it happened by chance and was pleasant to both of them.
If someone is unable to understand the emotional and emotional basis of the story, to see not only sex but also the essence, it is their problem and not mine.
And the story “Desire is stronger than sin” carries with it a deep life and religious policy.
Sex in the church is only the fire of the story, but it is necessary to analyze more about the universe, the ratio of dark and light forces.

If I wanted to banally desecrate the temple by several perepehov in it in protest to God in the cruelty of its laws, I would call this story “Fuck in the church.”
I do not write stupid erotica, pointless and snotty (r.
school), to which many readers are accustomed.
I do not excite the reader with obscured stereotypes, I do not have annoyed anxious teenagers and downs who fuck sleeping and drunk sisters, mothers and aunts (and who, if not strangely enough, this crap succeeds!))).
I do not create pictures of giant members standing for hours, women with breasts of the seventh size, whose holes want everyone and always, and the sperm flowing by the river.
There are exclusive cases in life, but one should not routinely “shove” them into every second story, just because the onanist wants it. big bear village webcam
In ten stories in a row it does not look real! This is not literature, this is a caricature.

Sex story is written on some great occasion to reflect, convey the feelings of the heroes, feel their joy, get into the essence, and not to make fun and jerk off.
Genuine bright sex is the meaning of man, and fantasy made up by foolishness is a joke.
A matter of course of taste, but the main idea of ??non-completeness is pleasure, not perversion.
Konstantin got divorced almost a year ago, he didn’t miss his ex-wife, because she didn’t fit his views on life and character a little, and she probably didn’t miss him, he married a pretty blonde by stupidity, she liked him like a woman, that’s all. .
The fact that they are not suitable for each other, they both learned a few years after the wedding.
Konstantin tried to maintain his union with his wife, went to all sorts of concessions to Olga, but she behaved proudly and masterfully, she never considered her husband’s wishes.
ru) And sexually, so important in family life, Konstantin and his wife grew and accumulated common problems, he needed frequent sex, and she missed the same posture on weekends.

One day, all their household and intimate problems accumulated in one thin ball of patience, stretched and burst! Constantine did not come to mind explaining that dreadful business, why should a woman take great generosity for her man, go to her, live with him and demand generous gifts and supplies from him for that ?.
She practically does nothing, not a single gram decreases from her, she just spreads her legs.
Roughly speaking, the guy runs the show.
And why should a man beg his woman, give him sex, and pay for him? Do she kicks, and she also pay ?.
After all, it is precisely such a business background that the union of many families accepted today! In fact, the man brings money to the house, take care of the children, and the woman should thank him for it, and not consider herself a goddess.
Konstantin drank tea at lunchtime and flipped through the newspaper with announcements of acquaintance.

“Black eyes, black eyes, I miss you, I die, black eyes,” he sang a popular Caucasian hit.
Konstantin almost closed the last page of the newspaper, as his gaze slipped by the word “extraordinary” in a small ad.
Constantine concentrated eyebrows, opened the page and looked closely at a small column of ads.
“An extraordinary dark-skinned brunette of mature age, will respond with favor to the simple-minded man without prejudice.”
Constantine raised his eyebrows in surprise and opened his lips.
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