webcam girl at work Yes, strange women, hesitates, then regrets that she did not dress like a damn.
Yulka’s dress, with every step, climbed up and she seemed not to pay attention to such a trifle.
Tits, tightly wrapped in cloth, waved to the beat of the steps.
The strips covering the nipples are off and now, shrunken and nipples sticking out from excitement, were visible.

The net did not hide the body at all, rather it gave it a shiny gloss and tan color.
The pubis and slits also sparkled when walking.
Narrow strips of opaque thin fabric merged and did not cover anything.
The rear view was no less piquant.
Under the squeals and approving rumble of men and the indignation of elderly women, we got to the first cafe.
The cafe turned out to be a platform where tables stood.
On the one hand from the passers-by, the cafe was fenced off by a fence, on the other hand transparent glass, behind which was a skating rink.

There were practically no people in the cafe, we were noticed only by a group of boys and girls.
They squinted at Julia, snorted and giggled.
We chose a place in the corner near the glass, from where a view was opened to the visitors of the cafe and to the rest on the rink.
The waitress frankly stared at Julia from top to bottom.
She looked like a beautiful chest.
Julia was sitting with her legs crossed and her short dress stretched out and exposed her pretty boobs and the edge of her buttocks.
Above, a narrow strip of matter only partially covered the pubis and partly the lower abdomen, and the dark path was visible through the grid.
The waitress was flushed, took the order, so never glanced in our direction.
About what I was joking, as soon as she was gone, Svetka and Julia laughed loudly.
Soon the girl returned with cognac lemon and chocolate on a tray.
And again she was staring at Julia while in her eyes there was no malice, no condemnation, no squeamishness, only interest.

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Julia, as in the film “Basic Instinct”, threw legs from foot to foot and we all saw the view of her crotch.
Both Svetka and the waitress saw how excited Julia-Pulka was.
Her genital lips and clitoris were filled with blood, and glistened with discharge.
I got used to it, but Svetka’s jaw dropped in surprise, while the waitress almost fell out a carafe of cognac.
I got up, hugged the waitress by the waist and helped her arrange a snack.
She nodded her thanks and hurried away.
We laughed again.
We drank the first glass in silence, I did not bite, the girls gnawed on lemon and chocolate.
He poured a second glass after him and we drank it in the same way, with a cry from Yulka-Pulka: “Well, take a walk!”
And we laughed together again, each at the same time putting the meaning into this toast.
At the end of Svetkina constraint, as there was no.
She didn’t gaze at Julia like a wolf and calmly endured the lustful looks of the men to Yulkin’s side and probably forgot that she herself was without panties.

We chatted on frank topics, made jokes and vulgar jokes.
The idea of ??alcohol was a godsend, the girls cheered before my eyes and Svetka’s shame flew away with every sip.
But the main thing here is not to overdo it! – I looked at you today with very different eyes, friend! – chirped, stunted Sveta.
– I could not think that you.
What are you doing this! – and she swept the space at the table with a wave of her hands.
So Saturn no longer pour, flashed through my head, and then from a light intoxication can turn into a dull uncontrollable booze.
– You’re great too, that took off her panties! – loudly answered Julia.
– Shhh! – and the girl’s finger darted to her lips – I, frankly, even forgot that without them! – and Sveta-Nymphet silly laughed.
With these words, the girl began to twist the fabric of the skirt into a tube.
A little tricky, Svetik achieved such a length, so that it was clear that she was not wearing panties at the same time, so that her pussy was not visible.

She spread her legs and exposed her crotch to our eyes.
– So cool! – Said Svetka-Nymphet and, giggling, waving her legs from side to side, now hiding, then exposing her pussy.
Even when a guy from a nearby company turned around and looked at Svetka, who was shamelessly waving her legs, she didn’t pull back her skirt.
Svetka, noticing the attentive gaze of the young man, chained to her pussy, beginning to be excited by new sensations, stopped waving her legs, and spread them as wide as possible.
– Look, poor thing! – quietly by the lips she whispered to an unknown guy.
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